The Larpcon UK 2018 will be held once again at the Hermitage Leisure Centre, in Whitwick, Leicestershire. This is a nice central location and was chosen for that reason and not purely because Ian lives pretty much next door and is lazy. He figured that by choosing a nice central place for the awards he could annoy people at both ends of the country and derive great amusement from that fact. Please don’t complain about how far you had to travel to get there, it just encourages him and he’s bad enough already. To vent your frustration properly please join the “I hate Ian from Having A LARP” Facebook group where you can vent your spleen to your heart’s content.

Hermitage Leisure Centre
Silver Street
Whitwick. Leicestershire
LE67 5EU
01530 811215

There is no room accommodation on site but you are able to camp (camping tickets can be bought online) and booking would be lovely so we know how many idiots, sorry, tough hard Larpers, there are. Rooms are available in nearby hotels, guest houses, b&b’s or even cardboard boxes and we’ve even managed to get the main ones listed on the Accommodation page. See how nice we are? Well, almost everyone…