FAQ’s & Contact Us

Q. Is there a walkthrough of the venue so I will know where things are?
A. Yes, we have made a video walkabout for you.

Q. Is the venue wheelchair accessible?

A. Yes, all of it. So is The Century Theatre where the awards are held. LarpCon will admit one carer free for each concession paying person with a disability.

Q. Can I really bring my dog?

A. Yes, you can bring your dog. There’s a big park/playing fields, playground and a lake right next to the venue too.

Q. Can I also bring my baby?

A. Yes, you can. The leisure centre has changing facilities and being wheelchair accessible, prams are no problem.

Q. What about weapons?

A. Please keep metal weapons in sheathes. Strictly no live guns or blades. Airsoft guns may not be loaded, and please obtain consent before firing at someone with NERF guns. Although the event is not suitable for melee, weapon testing (under the supervision of the merchant) is permitted.

Q. Can I buy tickets at the door, or do I need to pre-book?

A. You can do either. Pre-booking saves you a bit of money.

Q. Can I wear my costume?

A. Yes, absolutely! We encourage it! Provided it meets the levels of decency expected at a family event (and will not cause harm to people or surroundings).

Q. Do I have to wear costume?

A. Absolutely not, if you don’t want to. Obviously, if your regular clothes are offensive, wear costume. Certainly wear something! 

Q. Where are the toilets?

A. They’re half way along the corridor to the cafe, on the right, marked “Dry Changing Rooms”.

Contact Us

Comments and enquiries about LarpCon to info@LarpCon.co.uk

In case of urgent issues during the event, please email  help@larpcon.co.uk.

A dedicated line will also be in service, during the event, for emergencies onlyThe number is 07783466597.

Use uklarpawards@gmail.com for UK Larp Awards related messages.

Alternatively, phone +447930 265357 

The Hermitage Leisure Centre can be contacted on 01530 811215

The Century Theatre can be contacted by calling 01530 278444

The nominations for the UK Larp Awards now closed.