About & Contact

There’s always an “About” page isn’t there, and this site is no exception. You should know by now what LarpCon is and what the UK LARP awards are all about but here we shall reveal some of the people behind this glittering gathering of Larp luminaries.

Ian Knope is the man behind the awards and he manages, every year, to make a complete mess of things whilst still providing great entertainment. He NO LONGER has the world’s cheapest tuxedo so will be wearing something new when he once again messes up his own awards ceremony. He is ably assisted by the lovely Emily and the even more lovely Jess and hindered by anyone who happens to be passing when he needs advice.

No awards ceremony is complete without judges and the UK LARP awards is no exception. We have some and they’re either top secret or kept in a box and not allowed out unescorted. Judges are selected by an arcane method known only to a few and you can’t apply direct. That’s what ‘selected’ means. Judging is a huge honour and we swear them all to secrecy so it tears them up inside and they become bitter and twisted.

Sponsors are always being sought for the awards and this brings you a range of benefits that will make you swoon with delight. If you’re interested in being a sponsor then please talk to Ian or Emily. Don’t let the blank look put you off.

Last and least, this website was thrown together by Mark who owns The Cotton Tent Company (incredible high quality tents) and most of the drivel you’re reading has been written by Mark or Emily as Ian is far too lazy and can’t spell. He did briefly (very very briefly) consider employing someone but that involves parting with cash.

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for persevering to this point and would like to ask if you’d like a job helping out? There is no pay and Ian will be horrible to you.

Comments and enquires to uklarpawards@gmail.com
Enquires can also call 07930 265357
Abuse can be posted on the “I hate Ian from Having A LARP” facebook group although anything that fails to amuse will cause you to be soundly ridiculed and you’ll be publicly mocked when next in a field for being dull – we may even call into question your Larping credentials. And everyone will do their best to make you cry. So there.