2015 Larp Awards

The 5th UK Larp awards came and went. Nominations were made, websites and social media were eventually updated (heaven forbid we do anything quickly or efficiently – we have a reputation to uphold, you know) and the old voting system creaked and grounded into life and did its job. But, but, BUT – all that was secondary to the incredible and talented MR JOHNNY BALL who is now LEGEND in Larp circles.

Johnny Ball came, he saw, he joined in, he conquered hearts and minds, took over and delivered an amazing and rousing Larp awards that left all who attended basking in awesomeness.


*New for 2015 – Player of the Year (This category replaces Lord and Lady of Larp and is intended to be awarded to someone who makes Larp better for everyone as a player, rather than as crew member/event organiser.)

Harry Morris (Runner Up)

Helen Naylor (Winner)


*New for 2015 – Bard of the Year

Jamie Wakefield (Runner Up)

Mark Chilvers (Winner)


Best Small Larp of the Year (less than 30 players)

Red Letter Day (Runner Up)

Vault 57 (Winner)


Medium Larp of the Year (30-100 players)

Projekt: Ragnarok (Runner Up)

Mythlore: New Lands (Winner)


Best Large Larp of the Year (over 100 players)

Curious Pastimes (Runner Up)

The Lorien Trust (Runner Up)

Empire (Winner)


Best Family event of the Year (involves under 16’s)

Empire (Runner Up)

Outcast (Winner)


Best Grassroots system of the Year (bringing new players into the hobby)

Green Cloaks (Runner Up)

Fools and Heroes (Winner)


Best New Larp of the Year (debut event run after the 1st of February 2014)

The Vale (Runner Up)

Red Letter Day (Winner)


Best Larp Producer – Foam/Latex

Medlock Armoury (Runner Up)

Light Armoury (Winner)


Best Larp Producer – Leather

Darkblade (Runner Up)

Evenlode Studio (Winner)


Best Larp Producer – Costume

Wyrmwick Creations (Runner Up)

Mandala Studios (Winner)


Best Larp Caterer

Mhorish (Runner Up)

Kellie Sweeney (Winner)


Best Creature Costume of the Year

Bronze Titan (Mythlore New Lands) (Runner Up)

The War Rhino (Empire) (Winner)


On-line Retailer of the Year

Darkblade (Runner Up)

Chows Emporium (Winner)


In-field Retailer of the Year

Chows Emporium (Runner Up)

Gems Trading Company (Winner)


NPC of the Year

Urthak – Conan O’Dalaigh (Lorien Trust) (Runner Up)

Captain Sabre – Jordan Hill (Heroes and Dragons) (Winner)


Event Crew Member of the Year

Carl Danes (Runner Up)

Jack Watkinson (Winner)


Unsung Hero Award

Gail Watkins


Life Time Achievement

Andy Rimmer


Photography Category

Best Larp Photograph (‘Judges Choice’ award)

Mongolian Hospitality (Runner Up)

Advance of the Irontide (Winner)


Best Character costume (‘Judges Choice’ award)

Dog (Runner Up)

Mad Professor (Winner)

The 2015 UK Larp Awards – once again it was the place to be, the only award you ever needed to be nominated for and we heartily congratulate all those who were nominated, joined in, attended and emerged triumphant. Next year’s event will be at a new location and Ian even has a new name (which includes the word con. You decide on what that means). See you there!