2014 Larp Awards

The 4th Larp Awards were hosted by Professor Elemental.


Small Larp

Heart of Pargon

Bladelands (Runner-Up)

Vault 57 (Winner)

Disturbing Events

Balrog Games


Medium Larp

Mythlore, New Lands

Outcast (Winner)

Dark Tempus (Runner-Up)


Wild West


Large Larp

Empire (Winner)

Lorien Trust (Runner-Up)

Curious Pastimes




Family Event

Empire (Winner)

Outcast (Runner-Up)


Lorien Trust

Brixham Berzerkers


Grass Roots

Fools and Heroes (Runner-Up)


Curious Pastimes

Eventyr (Winner)



New Larp

Dark Tempus (Winner)


Projekt Ragnarok (Runner-Up)


Pioneers Larp


Producer – Foam and Latex

Tallows FX

Light Armouries (Winner)

Irregular Props

Saxon Violence (Runner-Up)

In Your Dreams FX


Producer – Leather

Battle Ready (Runner-Up)

Evenlode (Winner)


Alex Simpson Bespoke Leatherwork (Runner-Up)

Ancestor Leathercraft (Runner-Up)


Producer – Costume

Warrior’s Wardrobe

Custom Costume Company

White Star Clothing (Winner)

Gem’s Trading Company (Runner-Up)

Mark Cordory Creations



Kellie Sweeney

Caggle’s Catering Corps (Winner)


Mhorish Goodfood

Appleby’s Coffee (Runner-Up)


Creature Costume

Mandala’s “The Warper”

K8 Evans “Samael”

Casey Vendenburg’s “Sentinel of Caer Dunn”  

Arty Fakes “Baby shoulder Dragon” (Runner-Up)

Arty Fakes’ “Elemental” (Winner)


On-line Retailer

Darkblade (Runner-Up)

Larp Inn

Gem’s Trading Company (Winner)

Viking Store



In-field Retailer

Chow’s Emporium (Runner-Up)

Having a Larp (Winner)

Light Armouries

Coelred Monger

Das Shoppe



The Scourge, Mark Cordory @ Mythlore (Runner-Up)

The Hart, Hayley Rose Murray @ Fools and Heroes, Springfest (Winner)

Orc, Dave McKenner @ Empire

Dog, James Conci-Mitchell @ Fallout 57 (Runner-Up)

Manix the Druid, Ian ‘Pod’ Flower @ Dumnonni


Event Crew Member

Rose ‘Kelpie’ Goldsmith

Andy Rafferty

Laura Collins

Nic Doran  (Winner)

Harry Lewis (Runner-Up)


Lord of Larp

James ‘JJ’ Jones (Winner)

Dave Norris (Runner-Up)

Simon McBride

Jerry Ferley

Nic Doran


Lady of Larp

Helen Naylor

Grace Marden (Runner-Up)

Helen Dixon (Winner)

Claudia Hayley

Andrea Figgins


Judges Choice – General Photography Category

Barbarian Battle by Ian Heath


Judges Choice – Costume Photo Category

Oisin Carr


Metal Worker

White Rose Apparel (Winner)


Poker Tournament

Richard Phelps (Winner)
Harma Lever (Runner-Up)


Unsung Hero

Emma Woods


Life Time Achievement

Mark Cordory


Overall Larp 2014


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