2014 Larp Awards

The 2014 Larp awards took place on the evening of Saturday March 1st and was hosted by the chap-hop legend that is Professor Elemental who was hindered and hassled by Ian Knope of Having a Larp wearing an incredibly dodgy cheap tuxedo and pretending he knew what he was doing.

The following categories were up for grabs:


Larp awards shortlist 2014


Small Larp

Heart of Pargon

Bladelands (Runner-Up)

Vault 57 (Winner)

Disturbing Events

Balrog Games


Medium Larp

Mythlore, New Lands

Outcast (Winner)

Dark Tempus (Runner-Up)


Wild West


Large Larp

Empire (Winner)

Lorien Trust (Runner-Up)

Curious Pastimes




Family Event

Empire (Winner)

Outcast (Runner-Up)


Lorien Trust

Brixham Berzerkers


Grass Roots

Fools and Heroes (Runner-Up)


Curious Pastimes

Eventyr (Winner)



New Larp

Dark Tempus (Winner)


Projekt Ragnarok (Runner-Up)


Pioneers Larp


Producer – Foam and Latex

Tallows FX

Light Armouries (Winner)

Irregular Props

Saxon Violence (Runner-Up)

In Your Dreams FX


Producer – Leather

Battle Ready (Runner-Up)

Evenlode (Winner)


Alex Simpson Bespoke Leatherwork (Runner-Up)

Ancestor Leathercraft (Runner-Up)


Producer – Costume

Warrior’s Wardrobe

Custom Costume Company

White Star Clothing (Winner)

Gem’s Trading Company (Runner-Up)

Mark Cordory Creations



Kellie Sweeney

Caggle’s Catering Corps (Winner)


Mhorish Goodfood

Appleby’s Coffee (Runner-Up)


Creature Costume

Mandala’s “The Warper”

K8 Evans “Samael”

Casey Vendenburg’s “Sentinel of Caer Dunn”  

Arty Fakes “Baby shoulder Dragon” (Runner-Up)

Arty Fakes’ “Elemental” (Winner)


On-line Retailer

Darkblade (Runner-Up)

Larp Inn

Gem’s Trading Company (Winner)

Viking Store



In-field Retailer

Chow’s Emporium (Runner-Up)

Having a Larp (Winner)

Light Armouries

Coelred Monger

Das Shoppe



The Scourge, Mark Cordory @ Mythlore (Runner-Up)

The Hart, Hayley Rose Murray @ Fools and Heroes, Springfest (Winner)

Orc, Dave McKenner @ Empire

Dog, James Conci-Mitchell @ Fallout 57 (Runner-Up)

Manix the Druid, Ian ‘Pod’ Flower @ Dumnonni


Event Crew Member

Rose ‘Kelpie’ Goldsmith

Andy Rafferty

Laura Collins

Nic Doran  (Winner)

Harry Lewis (Runner-Up)


Lord of Larp

James ‘JJ’ Jones (Winner)

Dave Norris (Runner-Up)

Simon McBride

Jerry Ferley

Nic Doran


Lady of Larp

Helen Naylor

Grace Marden (Runner-Up)

Helen Dixon (Winner)

Claudia Hayley

Andrea Figgins


Judges Choice – General Photography Category

Barbarian Battle by Ian Heath


Judges Choice – Costume Photo Category

Oisin Carr


Best Larp Metal Worker

White Rose Apparel (Winner)


Poker Tournament

Richard Phelps (Winner)
Harma Lever (Runner-Up)


Unsung Hero

Emma Woods


Life Time Achievement

Mark Cordory


Best Overall Larp 2014



Nominations and voting (for those categories that allow it) actually took place and the results are posted here for posterity but that isn’t the same as actually having been there.