2012 Larp Awards

In 2012 the Larp awards moved from Norwich to Leicester: because it was bigger and better and not because Ian moved to live nearby. Honest. The move to a central location resulted in more traders and more attendees and everyone suddenly decided that, actually, this was an event worth supporting rather than just shaking their heads in despair at another of Ian’s cock-a-mamey schemes. Want to know who attended and who won what? Here’s a video!

The results, in case you don’t have time to watch the vid, are as follows –

Best Small Larp Dumnonni 

Medium Larp Heroes and Dragons 

Large Larp Odyssey 

International Larp Drachenfest 

Family Larp Outcast 

Grassroots Fools and Heroes 

On-Line Retailer Darkblade 

In-Field Retailer Having a Larp 

Creature Costume Cthulhu by Mark Cordory 

NPC of the Year Basco – Darren Stocker 

Crew Member Bill Pennington

Lord of Larp Joe Rooney 

Lady of Larp Benita Gibbins 

Unsung Hero C.J. Bateman 

Lifetime Achievement Mark ‘SFB’ Roberts 

Overall Larp Dumnonni.