2011 Larp Awards

In 2011 a man called Ian Knope of Having a Larp fame, bored out of his tiny brain (and it is very very tiny), had what he decided was an amusing idea; a wheeze if you like, to get people to travel miles and miles out of the way to buy stuff and entertain him. He launched the UK Larp awards.
The first event took place in Norwich and starred a Dragon who went out and terrorised the good folk of Norwich in an attempt to publicise what a great hobby we all have. It kind of worked and the Dragon went on to boogie on down in a local nightclub whilst consuming alcohol. Some cheap tacky scrolls and badges were also given out to random people/organisations.

Thus the UK Larp awards were born.

The winners – some of whom were quite surprised to discover they’d won…

Best Small Larp Clockwork Monkey 

Medium Larp Death Unto Darkness

Large Larp Odyssey

Family Larp Outcast 

Grassroots Fools and Heroes

On-Line Retailer Lrp Store 

In-Field Retailer Evenlode 

Creature Costume Mark Cordory 

NPC of the Year Kate Evans 

Crew Member Bill Pennington 

Lord of Larp Paul ‘Chalkie’ White 

Lady of Larp Karen Fishwick 

Unsung Hero Barney Barnes 

Lifetime Achievement Simon Medlock 

Overall Larp Odyssey.