Traders at the LarpCon kitfair


A fantastic collection of artwork, pottery trinkets and happy little things all made by Artist Steph Pardoe.

Lionhead Leather                           

Come to Lionhead Leather for all your custom leather needs! We can make anything; from armour to pouches, necklaces to masks, coasters to journals.
Make sure to stop by and check out our range of hand carved maps, and traditionally bound tomes!
Everything can be customised to fit your style and budget!


Beautiful Handmade Leather notebooks, journals, sketchbooks and bullet journals that come in both an Asian style stab bound and a European soft back bound design. I also offer both marbled and printed covers as well as bespoke orders. If I don’t have what you’re looking for I probably can make it.

Trick or Treat Crafts                       

We love our stall full of silliness and so do our customers! Magical creatures, jewellery and lots of alternative paraphernalia.

Runaway Workshop                       

I sell combat-safe beast and animal themed LARP masks as well as tails and other costume accessories to create animal illusion.


Curio-Alley a store of curating curious curiosities.
We supply leather accessories such as basic armours to one-off high detail pieces; we also make foam weapons, plus many other LARP related curios.

Sargent Sewing and Crafts                          

Hand carved and unique props with magnets for roleplaying crafting/chiselling.
Adjustable satchels, bottle bags and waterproof pouched, hand pyrographed pronoun badges with neo pronoun range included,
Bookmarks, earrings and various other items.
Commissions are accepted – the more fun the better!

Gnosis Studios                  

Foam latex and leather. Oh yeh baby!

Lamia Leather                  

Leather goods

Apocalypse Props                           

We make realistic props for larp, from medical tools, crafting tools, to bones, and many other things. All of the style without sharp pointy bits.

Afon Mêl Mead Hall                       

Your Quest for the finest Mead is over!
The legendary place where mortals and Gods alike can discover our premium quality, pure honey meads to slake their thirst on slow-aged, pure honey meads, melomels and metheglins, all brewed on an idyllic 40-acre honey farm, based on the beautiful west coast of Wales.

Brighid Designs               

Creating costumes from Lord of the Manor to Lord of the Rings

The Monsters Menagerie                            

An eclectic selection of foam and latex larp props and weapons such as familiars on sticks, puns and anything silly

Treasure Knot                   

An eclectic collection of dark and alluring wares.
Hand made goods, including beautiful masks, jewellery, an array of unusual hand crafted or upcycled costume pieces, unique rune sets, trinket dishes and pots, not forgetting our laser cut wood craft and our lovely hand dragons!

Amy’s Curiosities Emporium         

Handmade steam punk leather work, wire wrapped jewellery and curios

Trembly Emporium                         

Leather for Viking and Medieval Re-enactors, LARP, Cosplay and Film worldwide, all made using ethically and UK sourced leathers and hardware, and made to last.
Offers custom work, as well as wholesale orders.

The Thornless Rose                        

I heard you like Dice right?
Factory made or uniquely artisan pieces, and accessories for your collection. “


Multimedia arts and crafts made using up cycled/reclaimed materials. Leather bags, pouches and armour. Paper Mache items, jewellery and props.

Firehound Forge                             

Traditionally forged blacksmith goods, from campfire skillets and medieval cutlery to Nordic jewellery and runes.

Fun Costume Stuff                          

All the finishing touches for your costume – hats, feather accessories, masks, ears and tails

Queen in Chains                              

Scale mail

The Wanders Artificium                

Leather goods, silver jewellery, bronze and copper wrist bands, woollen boot toppers and hoods.
Tailoring for the wanderers of the realm, covering goods for your dwelling, campsite or the battlefield, with an array of trinkets, status pieces, drink ware, and much more.

Trolls Bottom Mead

Meads, liqueurs, cloaks, tunics and accessories. We have booze, irreverent attitudes and a smile, plus of course free tasters

Twisted goblin armouries

Weapons and stuff

Max Kane Leather                          

Leather armour, padded armour, leather accessories, leather related costume pieces, leatherworking tools, buckles, fittings, associated hardware.
Lots of vintage leatherworking hardware not available elsewhere.

Light Armouries                              

Latex weapons for LARP and Cosplay

Stardust Larpcraft                          

Want to be spotted from space?
I got you.
Fantasy armour, costumes and accessories.

Das Shoppe

For your second hand costume needs.
We also sell props, accessories and furniture.
Trades welcome. 

Velvet Glove                     

Costumes, armour, and accessories. We have a bit of everything.

Larp Inn                             

Weapons, clothing, make up, LARP accessories and gaming – all the essentials for your nerdy needs.


Costume, Weapons and Haberdashery

Herzog Emporium                          

Leather goods and headwear

Having A Larp                   

Our equipment is character building!

Raesin’s Resin artwork and larp supplies

Resin artwork, pocket hugs, figures, and larp phys-reps.
Each item is unique and never two are the same.
Custom items are available with a quick turnaround.

Troll Konge                       


Irregular props                 

Larp props and weapons

A.J.Preece LARP Supplies                             

Weapons, leatherwork, & props. Trading at various systems, custom orders taken. Over 15 years experience making for events we’ve attended & organised.

The Roving Apothecary                 

Handmade Spice Infused Honeys and Maple Syrups, Herbs and Spices, essential Oils, Organic Soaps, Damascus Steel Kitchen Knives, Axes, Historical Swords and Knives, Acid Etched Axes, Bush craft Knives and Bush craft Accessories, Bush craft Smocks, Viking Pouches

Sunrise Propworks                          

Sci-Fi LRP weapons and props

Wonderlust Couture                      

High quality costume and accessories.

Historical Haberdashers                

Haberdashery Items.

Dwarven Leather                            

Books, Bags, Pouches & potion bottles.

Umbra Armoury               

X-bows and leather.

In Your Dreams FX                          

Bespoke Special props, weapons, accessories, creatures and archery supplies for larp, theatre, film and TV for over two decades

Honest Jim’s WANDERIN SHOP                  

Crazy weird stuff and things….


Art, Sculpture, Weapons, Oddities, Masks

The Oracle’s Distillery                    

Guaranteed battle-proof potions, apothecary supplies, herbal creams and balms, handmade resin jewellery, second-hand kit, custom services, and the kitchen sink.

Wymwick Creations                       

Making and creating polyurethane Larp armour for 10 years, costuming characters for films, theatre and larpers all across the world.
Their creations cover a wide range of historical and fantastical armours, in a myriad of different finishes, to suit all tastes.
The armour is all Larp safe, lightweight and durable making it suitable for almost everyone.

Cowleys Fine Foods                       

Dried stuff, pickled stuff, salted stuff, delicious stuff

Bring & Buy                       

Clear out your kit bag/room/shed/attic/annex or get yourself a bargain. Wherever you are on your larp journey through life, the bring & buy is a must browse place, at least twice over the weekend.

Giles Meakin                     

Original artwork and prints in the genres of fantasy, historical, horror, and science fiction.

Odd Bottles                       

Lovingly handmade jams, marmalades, chutneys and preserves, carefully sourced and ethically foraged.

Ceolred Monger                             

Clothing, jewellery, books, boxes, games and all sorts of other LARPy stuff.

Purple Dragon Jewellery Emporium

Steampunk Style jewellery on a budget  

They will all welcome a click on the link to their website to learn more about their products and services.

The Bring & Buy is be back again this year .
If you wanted to get ahead of things, the rules and the registration form can be found
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LarpCon 2024 is likely to have a waiting list as priority will go to repeat bookings.
If you would like to let us know you would like a pitch, the form is available Here (please do not send any payment, it will not guarantee you a space).

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