2012 Larp Awards

Want to know who attended and who won what? Here’s a video.

Small Larp Dumnonni 

Medium Larp Heroes and Dragons 

Large Larp Odyssey 

International Larp Drachenfest 

Family Larp Outcast 

Grassroots Fools and Heroes 

On-Line Retailer Darkblade 

In-Field Retailer Having a Larp 

Creature Costume Cthulhu by Mark Cordory 

NPC of the Year Basco – Darren Stocker 

Crew Member Bill Pennington

Lord of Larp Joe Rooney 

Lady of Larp Benita Gibbins 

Unsung Hero C.J. Bateman 

Lifetime Achievement Mark ‘SFB’ Roberts 

Overall Larp Dumnonni.