larpcon incorporating the UK Larp awards

LarpCon takes place over the first weekend of March each year, and welcoming the Live Action Role-Play (Larp), Cosplay, Re-enactment and Steampunk communities.

Based around a huge trade hall, with a massive variety of the finest costume, props and accessories available; plus the largest selection of Larp weaponry, in one room, in the UK! 

But – this is more than just a kit fair…

This is a whole weekend full of Larpy goodness to immerse yourself in.
Every year we bring you great stuff like –

  • Talks, panels and demonstrations, on a wide range of Larp related topics
  • Friday night quiz 
  • CosPlay Costume Parade
  • Autism Hour on Sunday 10-11am
  • And the UK Larp Awards

For 2023, we celebrated 40 years since the publication of the first Discworld novel – The Colour of magic.

Conveniently located in an accessible venue, in the middle of the country, allowing everyone a chance to attend and explore Larp.

LarpCon – The best in Larp. all in one place. just for you.

The charity for 2023 was the Orangutan Foundation (in lieu of license fee)  for permission to use the artwork of Paul Kidby, on behalf of the estate of Sir Terry Pratchett (on the understanding that we make it clear that the use of the art does not confer official Discworld status upon our event).


A video walkthrough of the venue, for those who will find it useful, will be made for the new building. That will located on the FAQ’s page

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