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Orion Sphere LRP

A sci-fi campaign lrp that takes place in the distant future of our own galaxy. Players take the role of characters from one of four powerful Factions, and compete for reputation, power and wealth. Each event takes place on a different planet filled with mystery and secrets, but players can also travel to distant worlds and star systems via a Starship Bridge Simulator. The game is designed from the ground up to be responsive to player actions and give unparalleled freedom for experienced players, while also being easy to get a handle on for those who are new to live roleplaying. Orion Sphere LRP is set in a deep and immersive universe, and encourages players to collaborate with the Game Team to create new species, worlds and stories.

Green Cloaks Larp

Green Cloaks takes place in the newly-discovered Novus sector, on the far edge of known human space. The Green Cloaks Task Force have travelled from their homes in the Segovax sector, a significant star cluster far away from Terra – the fabled birthplace of the human race.         

Steamweave Larp

A high fantasy, horror survival larp with steampunk themes. Your character joins the Alliance Cartel as it travels the length and bredth of the world of Averthia, seeking to overcome the myriad horrors and dangers lurking there. Warriors, rogues, traders, crafters, politicians & poets, Steamweave has a place for you all.         

Eerielight Events

We run exciting sanctioned events set in the Empire LRP universe. We also have 2 original games currently in development which we hope to share soon! Our events are high combat with lots of interesting plot for everyone.      

Profound Decisions – Empire LRP

The only live role playing system that has a fluffy war rhino 🙂       

Exiled on the Shores of Carmoa

Pirates, Scoundrels and those seeking riches beyond their wildest imaginations, the Island of Carmoa awaits. The world of Oespra watches with baited breath, for who, or what might emerge from the Wraithwaters.          

Curious Pastimes

High fantasy large scale fest system.

Discworld Monthly

An online periodical that has been writing about and promoting all things Terry Pratchett for the last 26 years.

In fact, we are the premiere source for all the news about everything Terry Pratchett as we are independent of the various publishers, merchandisers and even Dunmanifestin itself so we can promote and report on everything and anything!

From stage productions to jigsaws, exhibitions to immersive events, we have reported or reviewed everything we could lay our hands, so that our readers know all about them.

Discworld Monthly team members have appeared in TV Adaptations and documentaries such as The Colour of Magic and Terry Pratchett: Back In Black.

Terry Pratchett used to drag the Discworld Monthly team along to press days, curry nights, lectures, parties, book launches and conventions whilst also sending us such items as postcards from tours and book proofs to review right up until his departure from this Earth in 2015.                                                                                                                                                                      

Shattered Earth by META Games Studios

A small 24 hour time in horror survival game.
Set in a post apocalyptic earth with new world nations, and something very, very wrong sweeping the world.
Travel to a new landmass as part of The Conglomerate to have your day, and your night, absolutely ruined.

Beyond Ragnarok by META Games Studios

A large festival-style, Norse mythology based, game, set 200 years after Ragnarok broke the realms and the Bifrost was destroyed.
When the Bifrost mysteriously reopened, Midgard was rediscovered; with some magical surprises and unexpected survivors.
You are from one of the four higher realms, now set on reclaiming Midgard and working out its mysteries.

Forsaken Lands Larp

Are you ready for an epic adventure in a world unlike any other? Look no further than Forsaken Lands, the new live-action role-playing game brought to you by Heavy Waite Gaming and Twisted Goblin Armouries. Immerse yourself in a world of fantasy and danger as you and your fellow players explore the depths of the Forsaken Lands.

Parhelion Larp

A high fantasy game set on a flat world with floating islands. Play a hero chosen by fate manoeuvring through the politics, wars, gods and Magic to save the world from disaster.

Paranoia Larp

Based on the table top role playing game, this 24hour time in game will bring into “Alpha complex” to serve friend computer and survive another day.

Fantasy Forest Festival

Fantasy Forest is the brainchild of a group of seasoned festival veterans whose dream it was to introduce a different kind of festival to the UK. A festival that brings fans from all genres of fantasy together for the weekend, providing a feast of entertainment and spectacle. Whether you’re into sci-fi & fantasy films, books and TV, fantasy arts, comics, anime, cosplay, LARP, steampunk or historic re-enactment, all are welcome. A gathering place to meet like-minded people. Get together with old friends and make new ones!        

Fools and Heroes

As an easily accessible grassroots system, we run day adventures as well as multiple larger scale events throughout the year, banquets, branch festivals and our showcase event – Summerfest.
Fools and Heroes has a unique world setting of high fantasy, magic, monsters and mystery. Your character can be a member of the many Guilds, Churches or Orders of Knighthood, giving you a wide variety of playable options. There are also many traditional fantasy races to choose from as the basis for your character. Our events are run every single weekend across the UK. With 23 branches, you are bound to be able to find an event close to you.

Fields of Illusion

A family friendly larp based in Winkleigh, Devon. Our setting is high fantasy with a dash of black powder, taking place in 90 acres of field, forest and all over beautiful countryside, there is plenty to do and explore!
Within our realm roam humans, orcs, beastkin and so much more.
With our custom rule set most character ideas are possible.
What kind of hero will you be?

Uk Freeforms    

UK Freeforms run all kinds of LARPS all over the country. Our goal is to bring together the best larps we can find, of all styles and genres, so that you can’t help but find a game that you just have to play. We are always looking for new and different styles of games, for short games, long games, small games and bigger games. We always have a great crowd of wonderful larpers waiting to get into character and costume. It doesn’t matter if this is your first experience with a larp convention or if you’re an old hand; there’s something for everyone, and we try to help newcomers fit right in. Most of our games are none contact and we usually play in costume, indoors.


The UKLTA (UK Laser-Tag Alliance) runs a wide variety of LARP events in the UK across numerous different settings. Most of the games we run are modern day or science fiction but we do stray into other genres from time to time. The Laser-Tag equipment allows us to add a strong tactical ranged combat to our games alongside the roleplaying you’d expect in LARP. The games are outdoors.

The Unfinished Tome

You play as a mortal who has recently gained strange powers beyond those of your peers or have ever been seen in your town before. Called by mysterious dreams you leave behind your mundane life and walk into the wilds, drawn by something unknowable. You meet others who dream as you do, on the road, will they be allies or opponents in the days to come? All of this is but the start of your story.
This is a game of dark fantasy that will include heavy elements of discovery, combat and roleplaying but most of all player agency and choices. We aim to empower you to decide the end result of the story and do not intend to run events where the aim is simply to kill the bad guy of the week. The world is dangerous and full of monsters but you are the Awakened, mortals empowered to hold your own and wield forgotten power to reshape the world.      

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