2016 Larp Awards

The fantastic Larp Awards ceremony for 2016 took place at LarpCon 2016 and was the usual combination of thrills and total disaster that is the hallmark of all good award ceremonies. Hosted by Ian and a couple of right comedians the event went on for far too long and yet everyone still managed to have a good time (the alcohol may have helped). The end result was that awards were awarded, ladies in dresses had to climb in to a wrestling ring, some blokes sang at the start to get things going, people were mocked and the best things in Larp were announced and praised. 

The results were:

Best Club System
Aftermath (Winner)
Forever’s Destiny
Fools & Heroes (Runner-Up)
Hero Quest
Best Small Larp
The World Went Dark
Twisted Tales (Winner)
Tommy Guns & Temperance (Runner-Up)
Vault 57
Faded Glory
Best Medium Larp
Outcast (Runner-Up)
Shadow Wars (Winner)
Falling Down
Best Large Larp
Lorien Trust (Winner)
Empire (Runner-Up)
Curious Pastimes
Best Family Larp
Empire (Winner)
Lorien Trust (Runner-Up)
Curious Pastimes
Best Grass roots system
Fools & Heroes (Winner)
The World Went Dark
Lorien Trust (Runner-Up)
Best New Larp
The World Went Dark (Runner-Up)
The Verse
Tommy Guns & Temperance (Winner)
Best Larp Producer – Foam/Latex
Light Armouries (Runner-Up)
Medlock Armoury (Winner)
Saxon Violence
Best Producer – Leather
Evenlode (Runner-Up)
Ben Loder
Battle Ready
Lock ‘n’ Lode
Best Producer – Costume
Sewn by Dragons
White Star (Winner)
Craeftigan (Runner-Up)
The Midgard Seamstress
Chow’s Emporium
Best Larp Caterer
Caggles Catering (Winner)
Mhoreish (Runner-Up)
Right Wok
Goldbird Catering
Creature Costume
PD Dragon (Winner)
Fish Queen
Mystwood’s Mimic (Runner-Up)
Faded Glory’s Giant Wraith
In-field Retailer of the Year
Having a larp
Chows Emporium (Winner)
Gem’s Trading Co
Das Shoppe (Runner-Up)
Best On-Line Retailer
Darkblade (Winner)
Chow’s Emporium (Runner-Up)
NPC of the year
Harry Harold – “John of Meade” (Winner)
James Wade – “Zoraster”
Andrew Forrest – “Ishtar” (Runner-Up)
Jenny Barret – “Eloise Hunter”
Sarah Poulter – “Sinobia”
Event Crew Member of the Year
Caroline Proctor (Winner)
Zoe Houghton
Emmylou Laird
Sky Roberts (Runner-Up)
Adam Jessop
Player of the Year
Steph Morris (Winner)
Al Bevan
Andy Hayman
Charley Downey (Runner-Up)
Adrian Waite
Bard of the Year
Mark Chilvers
Iain Sewell
Jamie Wakefield (Runner-Up)
Adam (Dred) Roberts
Lester the Jester (Winner)
Glyn Newberry
Escape Room
The Live Escape
Panic Room Gravesend
Enigma Escape (Runner-Up)
Clue HQ Warrington (Winner)
Escape the Room London – Covent Garden
Mainstream Event
Secret Cinema (Winner)
Prince Charles Cinema
Alton Towers Scarefest
Heist (Runner-Up)
Reading Airsoft – Zombie Infestation
Photo Category – General – Judges Choice
“109th and 23rd march to war” – Ronnie Hall
“The Day after the (Death) Knight before.” – Robert Sellwood
“A Mother’s Grief” by Roy Smallpage (Runner-Up)
“moon rising” – Keith Taite
“The fallen comrade” – Bart Holsbergen (Winner)
Photo Category – Costume – Judges Choice
“Blue’s debu”’ – Charley Hall
“Grokk, Earth Demon” – Marv Portlock and Andrew Joseph
“Fia, Queen of Rage” – Ruth Margaret
“Depraved” – Thomas Blade (Winner)
“Earthbourne Stone Golems” – Mandala (Runner-Up)
Photo Category – General – Winner People’s Choice
“A Mother’s Grief” by Roy Smallpage
Photo Category – Costume – Winner People’s Choice
“Depraved” by Thomas Blade
Unsung Hero
Darren Stocker
Lifetime Achievement
Mike Stringer
Best Overall Larp
Twisted Tales


The awards ceremony for 2017 will once again take place on the Saturday evening on Larpcon and is, once again, a ticketed affair (details here). All the greatest and best in Larp will be in attendance and a great evening is hoped for (no guarantees offered and no money back). It may or may not take place in a wrestling ring, there may or may not be a special guest or co-host. The only way to find out is to be there and then you too can bathe in the reflected glory that is The Larp Awards!