larpcon incorporating the UK Larp awards

LarpCon takes place over the first weekend of March each year, and brings together the Live Action Role-Play (Larp), Cosplay and Steampunk communities.

Based around a huge trade hall, with a massive variety of the finest costume, props and accessories available; plus the largest selection of Larp weaponry, in one room, in the UK! 

But – this is more than just a kit fair…

This is a whole weekend full of Larpy goodness to immerse yourself in.

LarpCon 2019 featured-

  • Talks, panels and demonstrations, on a wide range of Larp related topics
  • Full Metal Combat 
  • Starship Bridge Simulator
  • Friday night Poker tournament
  • Archery Tournament – with prizes from Archery Legends
  • Combat tournaments
  • Costume Competition
  • Larp taster sessions and games
  • And the UK Larp Awards!

Conveniently located in an accessible, dog friendly venue in the middle of the country, allowing everyone a chance to attend and explore Larp.

LarpCon – The best in Larp. all in one place. just for you.


Our chosen charity for 2019 was Mind.
The charity for 2020 will be The National Autistic Society.

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