How to get in and have a great time


LarpCon, and the accompanying event The Larp Awards Awards 2018, are both ticketed events and you can buy tickets for either, both in advance or on the door.

There is no limit to how many people we let into LarpCon (unless we hit the maximum capacity of the venue which is highly unlikely) so you’re pretty safe in turning up at the door. Pre-purchasing your tickets saves you up to 30% on the “on-the-door” price.

You can also pre-book slots in the Escape Room and Starship Bridge Simulator, so reserving your place.

Ticket Prices

Advance one day entry to LarpCon  £3.50

Advance one day concession entry to LarpCon £2.50

Advance whole weekend entry to LarpCon £6.00

Advance whole weekend concession entry to LarpCon £4.50

All these tickets and more (including advance camping tickets) can be ordered, through Eventbritesoon.

The Larp Awards are a different matter. This is a ticketed affair and there is a limit on the number of tickets! So booking in advance to be sure of getting a place at the glittering awards ceremony that is the pinnacle of Larping achievement – you’re not anybody (system, person, trader, monster or hanger-on) until you’ve been nominated for an award and for those of us with no hope (me included) attending the awards is as close as you’ll ever get. Rub shoulders with the mightiest in UK Larp and hope that some of their glitz and glitter rubs off on you. Buy a ticket today or miss out. And you don’t want to be that sad pathetic person stood outside. In the rain. Alone.

Not available yet!

Entry to the Larp Awards 2018 – £TBC

VIP entry to Larp Awards 2018 – £TBC

(for which you get VIP things, for VIPs)

Don’t be left out of THE LARP EVENT of the year – order your tickets now! Or soon. Preferably before the event. Especially the tickets for the Larp Awards 2018. This is your chance to be part of the only Larp Awards ceremony in the UK. Don’t blow it.