Traders at the LarpCon 2024


Umbra Armoury

Umbra will have their wonderful larp crossbows available to test in a firing range, as well as their showing their fine, handcrafted leatherwork, and answering your questions about both.

Max Kane Leather                          

Historical leatherwork, leather related costume, leather armour, also brass hardware, tools and vintage fittings for leatherworking.

Lamia Leather

Leather armour and accessories

The Monsters Menagerie

A selection of eccentric Larp props and weapons including familiars, comedy weapons, cute and horrific foam and latex creations
Fur and or latex masks and tails also available.

Treasure Knot

We have an eclectic mix of handmade leather goods, jewellery, resin craft, costumes, lasercut woodcraft, and much more. All with a hint of dark elegance and alternative luxury.

The Oracle’s Distillery

Guaranteed Battle-proof Potions – Apothecary Supplies
BESPOKE SERVICES – Set Dressing and Props
Sale and Hire for LARP, Film & TV, events and photo shoots
Tailored to your requirements, timeline and budget”

Irregular props

Larp props and equipment

The Thornless Rose

I heard you like Dice? Handcrafted and factory produced table top gaming accessories.

Herzog Emporium

Handcrafted leather goods and much more!

Trolls Bottom

Meads, liqueurs, hand embroidered cloaks & accessories

Brighid Designs

Creating costumes from Lord of the Manor to Lord of the Rings

Fun Costume Stuff

Hats, masks, ears and tails plus all the colourful or feathery accessories your character needs.

Velvet Glove

Armour, costume and accessories

Lionhead Leather

Come to Lionhead for all you leather needs! We specialise in handmade maps, and one of a kind tomes! We also have a wide variety of other leather goods, from accessories and jewellery to armour and gifts.

Amy’s curiosities emporium

Handmade steampunk leather work, wire wrapped jewellery and curios

Sargent Sewing & Crafts

Seller of Props and pouches, at affordable prices. With a growing range of dynamic props, and IC items to hide IC & OC goods. Customisation available

Gnosis Studios

LARP Weapons and Props

Larp Inn

Costume, weaponry, accessories, make up, prosthetics, gaming and much more!

The Trembly Emporium

Handcrafted wonders for the eccentric soul ~ leatherworks, bound books, and enchanting accessories

Trick or Treat Crafts

We have all sorts of magical creatures, themed jewellery and alternative paraphernalia ready for you to discover


Bespoke Larp Clothing, Haberdashery and Award Winning Larp Weapons.


Beautiful Handmade Leather notebooks, journals, sketchbooks and bullet journals that come in both an Asian style stab bound and a European softback bound design. I also offer both Marbled and Printed  covers as well as bespoke orders. If I don’t have what you’re looking for I probably can make it.

The Wanderers Artificium

A collection of jewellery, leather, wooden boxes, and coasters, worldbuilding guides, and hand illustrated goods.


Multimedia arts and crafts utilising upcycled/reclaimed materials.

Runaway Workshop

Animal and beast themed, durable costume masks, suitable for any high-activity costume performance including combat. Each one is hand-made by me with love and care, for a unique finish that will last.

Dwarven Leather

Makers of quality handmade leather products primarily for the LARP community.


Leather stuff

The Roving Apothecary

Handmade by me….Spice Infused Honeys and Maple Syrups, Herbs and Spices.
Essential Oils, Organic Soaps,
Damascus Steel Kitchen Knives, Axes, Historical Swords and Knives, Acid Etched Axes, Bushcraft Knives and Bushcraft Accessories, Handmade Sharpening Stones”

Raesin’s resin artwork

Unique resin artwork and larp supplies

Stardust Larpcraft

Fantasy clothing, accessories and leatherwork. Possibly visible from space.

Chow’s Emporium

Chow’s Emporium design and manufactuer costumes and accessories for LARP and Cosplay since 1994

Wonderlust Couture

Hand made leather bags, novelties and oddities.

Lyon Leathers Ltd

We are a family run business that supplies leather hides and skins & manufactures leather goods. We have been supplying quality leather to a wide variety of trades for more than thirty five years. We have a huge stock of leather skins and hides, vegetable tanned shoulders and sides, pigskins, sheepskins, goatskins, suedes and prints as well as hair-on skins such as rabbit, sheep, goat and full cow hides.

Wyrmwick Creations Ltd

UK’s leading suplier of Polyurethane Larp Armour

Sunrise Propworks

Sci-Fi LRP props and weapons

Apocalypse Props

We make realistic props for larp, from medical tools, crafting tools, to bones, and many other things. All of the style without sharp pointy bits.

Afon Mêl Mead Hall

Pure honey artisan meads

Firehound Forge

Traditionally handforged blacksmith goods.

Ceolred Monger

Clothing, jewellery, LaRP kit plus cloth and other materials to help make your own.

In your dreams fx

Durable, detailed Special props, weapons, creatures and archery since ’95


Hand tooled, full grain custom armour and accessories, including ‘real world’ stuff too! Original fantasy art and prints too.

Mandala studios

Designing and building; masks, costumes, props, sets and monsters for live roleplaying and other performance venues.


Hand-made Steampunk, Goth, LARP and Alternative wearables, accessories, and craft knick knacks, from charms and jewelry findings to  wooden embellishments and more…

Tanner in the Works

Custom leather work

Mcskelly leathers

Bespoke leather goods

Fun Costume Stuff

Hats, masks, ears and tails plus all the extras you need to complete your costume


Suppliers of unusual sheepskins, Reindeer pelts, Cow hides, Boar skins and Goat skins.  Perfect for Reenactment and Larping.

Light Armouries

A wide range of Latex weapons of all styles produced for all systems. Each item hand crafted and balanced . Over 25 years experience.

EddieNereid Seamstro

Home of the wonderful ‘Smuggler’s Pocket Pants or ‘Pockets of Holding’, perfect for any character or occasion!

Gem’s Trading Co

Everything larp

Twisted Goblin Armouries

Larp weapons, props , sheilds , leatherwork , accessories and clothing. We provide one of items.

Cowleys Fine Foods

The best jerky/ biltong/ preserves to be enjoyed anywhen, anywhere.


Bathkraft brew up witchy bath and body products, from bewitching bath potions to eye-catching eyeshadows – all with a fantasy twist!

Honeybadger Games

Sweets and tea

A.J. Preece LARP Supplies

We make our own foam/latex larp weapons, and sell Locke and Load leather armour and goods.

Starbeck Educational Resources Ltd

Specialist supplier of inexpensive, exciting & unusual artefacts.

Gogledd 3D printing

3d printed dinosaurs, dragons, magical creatures. 3d printed models, gaming characters


Leather stuff

Jacqui de Rose Art

Original nature based art influenced by the folklore and mythology of the British Isles.

Das Shoppe

Das Shoppe for your second hand costume needs. We also sell props, accessories and furniture. Trades welcome.                            

Having A Larp

Our equipment is character building

Bernie the Bolt

Fabric, skins, and antlers. 

Dragon Armoury

With a wide skillset, ranging from design and sculpture to engineering and electronics, Dragon Armoury can make your imagination into reality. From pre-existing products to fully custom designs, their vast range of experience will see that your needs are fulfilled beyond your expectations.    


They will all welcome a click on the link to their website to learn more about their products and services.

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