Who’s Trading at LarpCon?


For your shopping delight, LarpCon is pleased to announce that the following fine purveyors of goods and sundry items will be present to address your every need. This list may not be complete as Ian is rubbish at updating everyone on who has actually booked (like that’s a shock to anyone!) and is presented in no particular order unless they’re a truly terrible trader in which case they’re at the bottom.


Giles Meakin

Illustrator for hire

Rustic Rebelle

McSkelly Leathers

A range of quality hand made leather goods. Ranging from accessories to full armour.

Historical Haberdashers

Specialising in pewter crafts and other accessories, whether its a few buttons for your current project or that special item to finish your outfit. 


Selling high quality new, hand-made and used costume, jewellery, accessories, and in character as well as traditional Camp accessories etc. at low prices.

Once we were soldiers

Registered Charity Number 1158318 – based in Leicestershire and currently operating throughout The Midlands. Their priorities are homeless veterans, those that have fallen on hard times and those that find it difficult to adjust to civilian life.

This is our chosen charity for the event.

Half Paper Books

Quality, handmade books at fair prices

Dark Flights

Hand Crafted Pewter Jewellery, sculpted and cast using fine quality English pewter by Artist, Judy Perrin. The range explores Medieval, Heraldic, Steampunk, Gothic and Fantasy themes. 

Wonderlust Couture

Wonderlust Couture creates unique one-off jewellery pieces using a variety of semi-precious stones and unusual techniques.

Stardust Larpcraft

Hand-crafted leather goods & armour, LARP-friendly clothing and a sprinkling of stardust magic.

As if by Magic

Bespoke tailoring of frock coats, and fine dresses.

Fun Hair Stuff

Braids, dreads, falls and hats. A huge and growing range of fun, funky, even posh, hair accessories for parties, weddings, proms or festivals, you’ll find it here. Accessories to suit all tastes, as well as yarns, threads and beads to help you decorate your own hair.

Chows Emporium

The amazing Chow and her travelling emporium of wonderful Larp goods will be attending the LarpCon to delight and amaze you with an outstanding array of offerings. Despite being cruelly denied the winning of several Larp Awards by the dastardly Having A Larp Chow remains undaunted and will welcome you with a cheery smile and a friendly greeting (unless you’re Ian)


Holy shit these guys are amazing! Seriously AMAZING! Stop by their stand and see their range of exciting, interesting and even interactive props that will make your event truly dazzling. (That’s at least one beer they owe me now)

Light Armouries

Mike “my weapons are better than yours, and I have the awards to prove it (2014 and 2015 winner)” Light will be offering his range of fine weapons for your approval. Whatever the event or circumstances, Light Armouries has the perfect tool for the job (ooo-er!)

Brighid Designs

More beautiful dresses and costume that make me realise that I’m not that good at sewing and should just buy clothes from talented people like this. See the beauty on offer and discuss how you too can be made to look wonderful. (Possibly not in a dress if you have very hairy legs like Darren)

Bring and Buy

No website for this one as it’s all about you! Yes you! The Larper with a keen eye for a bargain and some old tat to get rid of. Bring it along, add it to the bring and buy (preferably with a price and your details or Ian will nick it for his stand) and let some other sucker take it off your hands! What could possibly go wrong?

Mandala Studios

Home to the another Wookie (Star Wars doesn’t talk about him for some reason and he’s kept mainly hidden away from the public) and lots of talented people who make lovely and wonderful things. Out of stuff. And you want it. Go and see them and buy their lovely things. But not from the Wookie. You’ll just end up covered in fluff and nonsense

White Rose Apparel

Armour and accessories in metal and leather for larp, re-enactment, cosplay, tv and theatre. Whenever any Larper, anywhere, goes “Oh, Shiny”, this is the what has caught their eye – not literally, do be sensible! The amazing armour and creations of White Rose are truly stunning. Speak to Steve – he’s lovely too – about just how you want to look and he’ll make your armour dreams come true. For a price, but so worth it. Like a Loreal ad, with spikes and shiny bits

Goblin Workshop

Larp safe stuff and nonsense from a Goblin. Apparently. If you don’t believe me come along to LarpCon, part with a meagre quantity of coins of the realm and see for yourself. You know you want to

Herts Fabric

Suppling fabrics to re-enactors of all periods as well as historic houses, museums, schools & colleges and Film Production, specialising in authentic fabrics, mostly Pure Irish Linens. From time to time they also get Pure English Wools. 

Das Shoppe

What can possibly be said about Das Shoppe that hasn’t already been said? Buy, Sell, Swap – it’s the Larp swap shop of our times (which is showing my age). Come and rummage amongst her drawers and get a surprise


The award for the silliest name goes to…Why they had to change names from Tallows FX and The Warriors Wardrobe to Craeftigan is one of Larp’s biggest unanswered questions. What was wrong with the old names, eh? If it wasn’t for the fact they have great costumes, great weapons and Graham sings Northern folk songs when drunk, I’d give them stick. Check them out, Caroline is really friendly. Mostly

Barbwire & Roses

Helping to make LarpCon an international event are those crazy Dutch people Harma and Kim. I like them and I like their stuff so I’m going to say nice things. They make nice things and are nice people! Buy from them! At LarpCon! Harma will smile and she has a lovely smile

Tinks Tannery

A leatherworker who makes nice things from leather (wouldn’t be a leather worker otherwise, duh!) and does custom commissions and some ready made bits and pieces. There will be new leather things to tempt you with at LarpCon. And who doesn’t want to be tempted by bits of leather?

Ceolred Monger

Wow! Just Wow. Ok? An amazing range of historical things that will give your costume or setup that extra something to take it from meh to WOW! Lovely people who actually know what they’re talking about when it comes to historical accuracy and yet they still like Larpers who constantly trade authentic for coolthentic (knew I could sneak that word in somewhere). Give them money, get amazing things

Large Larp

Great kit, made to fit all body shapes, plus laser-etched wood buttons, tokens, puzzle boxes, leather maps and hero belts.

Gem’s Trading Co

The lovely and perfectly formed Gem’s Trading – or is that the lovely and perfectly formed Gem? – ably assisted by Barry, bring you a plethora of lovely Larp goodies to meet your every stabbing, bashing and showing off needs. I have to be nice, she scares me. Go and buy her stuff. Please. Pretty please?

Cowley’s Fine Foods

A pair of reprobates from Wales selling jerky. Good job they’re both lovely (although Suzie is lovelier and, apparently, is offering her box to all and sundry – ask her about it). As well as an incredible range of jerky they also do seriously tasty other edible stuff. Pop by the stand and let your taste buds experience an explosion of delight

Larp Inn

Traders of cool Larp gear who even have a shop where you can go to poke and prod them when they’re not in a field. Although they’re an ‘Inn’, they don’t sell any booze. Not even a drop of mead to be found anywhere. Bet they drank it all. Gits

Irregular Props

The podgy troll that was Darren Stocker is no more. The new master of all things weapon and prop shaped is the lean, mean, totally fit – in all meanings of the word – Darren Stocker. I could easily fancy him myself if it wasn’t for the silly beard. Creator of magical mayhem inducing monsters, designer of props and weapons that make you go weak at the knees and reach for your wallet and runner of amazing events, the one, the only, hairy beardy doesn’t answer his messages stupid beard man! Come and see him perform at LarpCon! Don’t be scared, ladies, you are allowed to bite him and swoon at his feet in an attempt to get him to lay his manly hands upon you


Presenting a range of natural health and wellbeing products including herbal teas, bath products, aromatherapy fragrances and other home and personal care ranges. Their lip balm and insect repellent are highly prized possessions, from the first, gale forced events at easter, to the blistering heights of summer

Jackerdemalion Designs

Another amazing leather worker (from what I can gather from the Facebook page. We really must get links from the traders when they book) and one with a curious habit of not just naming his/her mannequins but apparently they’re part of the team. Like, silent partners… With pins in…

Jaunty & Rakish

Based in the South West of the UK (where all the best people are – at least until I move somewhere else) and are exclusive suppliers of The Knights Forge cordless weapons and props. They also do jewellery covering a range of genres including Gothic and Steampunk and other stuff. I, at least, am intrigued. Also, with a name like that, there had better be hats. Nice hats. Possibly even a pretty floral bonnet.


The great Darkblade are attending!  Great weapons, great leather goods, great clothing, great bunch. Go and see them and buy their great stuff (that’s got to be worth a discount or next year their write-up won’t be so nice)


Suppliers of the finest archery equipment and other sundry goods of interest to Larpers and reenactors and Living history enthusiasts, the amazing Quiverstock will be on site to sell you sharp pointy things with which to shoot Ian. Repeatedly. It’s allowed, we forged a waiver for him. If you don;t want to shoot Ian (Boo! Hiss!) then you can still buy their amazing stuff and then you too will look and be uber cool.

Bearded Pig Forge

A blacksmith you say? Absolutely. I’m not sure if the forge will be going (if it is I’m next to the fire!) but there are bound to be amazing bits of metal bashed into amazing shapes that will make your Larping life so much easier. All Larpers need metal things. Buy some.


Visiting from the reenactment circuit, Ravenscrest was founded out of a frustration of being unable to source high-quality, unique, reenactment armour, weaponry, clothing, shoes and equipment at a reasonable price. They combine these with handpicked and ‘hard-to-find’ suppliers who are experts in their area of history and methods of manufacture. for costume and armour, from head to toes

Ancient Battlecraft

Cor. I mean really Cor! these guys are a one stop shop for all sorts of historical things; from armour to weapons, to costume to jewellery, to tents and who knows what else! Buy your kit from them and you too will be the belle of the ball (both men and women can apply for this position, we’re not fussy or judgemental)

Amber Wolf Workshop

A quick skim down the Facebook page for this trader has me counting the pennies and eyeing up things that could be sold in order to get my grubby mitts on the beautiful things being shown. I want them. Simple as that.

Honest Jim’s

Now I thought this was going to be a dodgy trader of some kind and I was, at first, disappointed when he pretended to be a simple trading reenacted. And then he mentioned pirates! He’s a pirate! Nothing Honest about him at all! Hang on, is that what they call irony? Go along and check him out, he’s amassed some great loot. Just don’t ask where it came from.


An assortment of jewellery and accessories ranging from Chainmail and Scalemail to Steampunk suitable for ladies and gentlemen alike.

Having a Larp

Yes, he’s still about and I have no doubt he’ll be there, swanning around, pretending to be ‘someone important’ and selling you his usual range of, well, quite frankly, tat. Luckily for everyone he’ll get sidelined by Emily and the gorgeous Jess so it’s worth visiting his cobbled together stand just for them. If you dislike him then please join his hate group on Facebook – carefully hidden under the innocuous title of ‘I hate Ian from Having A LARP‘ where all abuse towards the annoying git is welcome. You’ll need to ask to join because we only accept people who really dislike him. Which is everyone. (Editors note: I can’t believe he actually wrote this about himself. Must a strange form of marketing)