Traders at LarpCon 2020 were...

A.J. Preece LARP Supplies 

Weapons, leather-work, & props

Armchair Armoury

UK manufacturer of Metal Rings for Mail DIY as well as pre-made and bespoke Armour and costume.

Art Hammer

Larp armour

As If By Magic 

High quality period and fantasy costume for the discerning.  Frock coats a’plenty!


Natural, handmade health and wellbeing products, massage, skincare, home aromatherapy and herbal/natural remedies.

Brighid Designs

Historical and fantasy costumes and accessories.

Chow’s Emporium 

Exquisite costume and accessories at reasonable price as we are the manufacture and retailer.

Coelred Monger

Costume, jewellery, books and accessories of varying degrees of coolness. 

Cowley’s Fine Foods 

Purveyors and creators of fine jerkies, exotic treats and expert in preserving food.


High Quality handmade LARP Weapons and Bespoke Costume 


Leather stuff.

Dark Flights

Fantastical pewter jewellery and related ephemera, plus art by Judy Perrin. 

Das Shoppe 

Second hand costume, props and furniture. 

Firehound Forge

Traditionally forged historical and contemporary ironwork, live blacksmith demonstrations and terrible jokes. (Also listed as artist/attraction – Firehound Forge will be demonstrating outdoors with his mobile forge and giant antique bellows)


The very best in handmade Fudge (Fudjit can be found circulating the venue with a tray of many goodies)

Fun Costume Stuff 

Masks, hats, ear tips & lots more. 

Gem’s Trading Co

The perfect place for anything you could need for Larp from costume to weapons, armour, make-up or props. from all the best names in Larp

Gnosis Studio

Foam and leather Goodies. 

Goblin Workshop

Leather Items and Larp safe weapons and props.

Half Paper Books

Beautiful Handmade Leather notebooks, journals and sketchbooks that come in both Asian style stab bound and European softback bound designs. Personal your ideal gift with a bespoke order.

Having a Larp

Character building Larp equipment. 

Historical Haberdashers 

Makers of museum quality reproductions – coins, buttons, and other general pewter haberdashery. 

Honest Jim’s Wanderin Shop

Everything you want but never knew existed!

Irregular Props 

Latex weapons.

Jaunty and Rakish 

Specialists in throwing weapons and props for a multitude of Larp genres

Larp Inn

Armour, period costume and Larp safe foam weapons 

Light Armouries

High quality foam Latex weapons and Props for LARP, Cosplay, Film and Stage.

Lyon Leathers 

Leather skins, belts, rivets, thread and buckles.

Mandala Studios

Theatrical (Poly-urea) armour, weapons, leather work, costuming, masks, prosthetics, set building, props, large creatures, other accessories and their own range of makeup, along with many other things. 

McSkelly Leathers 

A range of high end custom leather goods.

Questing Beast

A weapon-smith and armourer for imaginary people.


Shoes, horns and Mead

Skian Mhor – Lamia Leather  Offa Studio

Larp weapons, props, costume, leather armour, leather costume, masks + creatures.

Stardust Larpcraft

Hand crafted leather goods made by a fat, middle aged fae and her grumpy dwarven assistant. Plus other delectable larpy items of both the hand crafted and non hand crafted persuasion!

Thornless Rose 

Hand Carved and Crafted Leather work, embellishments, and laser engraved trinkets.

Twisted Goblin Armouries

Larp weapons and shields for kids and adults alike and specialise In unique first to larp items.

Umbra Armoury

Bespoke Leather and Crossbows.

Velvet Glove

for all your Larp, re-enactment or historical costume and armour requirements.

White Rose Apparel

Armour and accessories in metal and leather for larp, re-enactment, cosplay, TV and theatre.

Wonderlust Couture

Jewellery using semi precious stones and unusual techniques.

They will all welcome a click on the link to their website to learn more about their products and services.

And the Bring & Buy will not be back this year due to the difficulty mitigating Covid risks.
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