Larp Awards

The 2020 Larp Awards will be held at The Century Theatre, Coalville, on the evening of the 29nd of February.
Tickets will be available nearer the event.

There are various categories up for grabs, encompassing all the things that contribute towards making this hobby such a superb one to be involved in, full of moments that stay with you forever.

A short history of the Larp Awards.

From its start in 2011, the UK Larp Awards have grown into a firmly established event in the Larp calendar.

From their humble beginnings, in a basement bar in Norwich, they grew out of the need for “something for people to do after the day part of the Larp Awareness Party (the event which LarpCon grew from), before the night club opens for Clubbing like a Pirate”.

We wanted that something to celebrate stuff we thought was great about Larp: the people, the ideas, the effort which goes in to making the hobby what it is.

We quickly dismissed the “worst costume” and “dumbest death” awards in favour of more positive titles. 

In the time since, we have added and removed a couple of categories. “Lord of Larp” and “Lady of Larp” amalgamated into “Player of the Year” because they were not inclusive. International Larp was dropped because it received very few nominations. We get a lot of enjoyment from reading the wonderful and glowing comments – submitted with the nominations – while putting together the awards. We hope we have an event which is lighthearted, enjoyable and rewarding for everyone.

All the profits from the evening are donated to charitable causes. The 2019 Larp Awards helped raise £1007 for charity.

The charity for 2019 is the mental health organisation – Mind.