Lifetime Award 2013 – Iain Sewell

Iain has been role-playing, in the UK, at Curious Pastimes since 1999.

In 2004 he and his wife formed the first dedicated LARP/Re-enactment Tavern in Britain – the Crimson Moon Tavern. 

Covering many UK Larp and Re-enactment events, serving meads, fruit wines, real ales and ciders, Vollsanger would come out from the bar to entertain for a copper (or go away for a silver).

 In 2013 he attended Mythodea, first as a player with the Grand Expedition, playing Vollsanger, performing “illegally” refusing to join the Guild of Bards until they were more worthy.

In 2018 he won Bard of the Year.

Specialising in “re-discovering” lost Viking songs “stolen” by others (songs such as “The Sounds of Violence”, taken by Simon and Garfunkel and “Welcome to the Coast of Caledonia” taken by the Eagles) Iain intends to continue to attend Curious Pastimes and Conquest of Mythodea, and will continue to sing the now Notorious “And a Green One” which has now been performed in over 24 languages including Klingon and Dothraki!

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