I want to go!

Attending the UK Larp Awards

So you want to go, do you? No problem.

The 2018 Larp Awards will be held on the evening of the 3rd of March and will take place at The Century Theatre in Coalville. The event is a ticketed affair and tickets will be available via Eventbrite or by sending an email to uklarpawards@gmail.com or by calling 07930 265357.

Tickets will cost around £10 standard (unreserved seating) or £25 for VIP entry (reserved, including seating in the front 2 rows) plus booking fee.

There is a very simple door policy to go with the very simple door manned by the exceedingly simple doormen. No ticket, no entry. See? Simple. The doormen are authorised to use maximum scorn and to employ advanced mockery along with condescending sneers when you can’t produce your ticket. And to deny you entry. Tickets *may* be available at the door in exchange for cold hard cash – or warm wet notes – but there is no guarantee so your best bet is to visit Eventbrite, EMAIL (uklarpawards@gmail.com) or CALL 07930 265 357. Or buy one if you happen to see Ian or Emily on the Having a Larp stand at an event prior to the awards.

Buying a ticket gets you many many lovely things: for 2014 you got a concert by chap-hop legend Professor Elemental including new material, the right to laugh at Ian in his cheap tuxedo, the right to bask in the adoration of your peers just because you’re there and they’re not, the chance to buy drinks from the bar and consume them, entrance to the after-show party where there was drunkenness and merriment and even more!
For 2015 there was Johnny Ball – THE JOHNNY BALL! Plus lots of other things and something happened with awards and trophies and stuff BUT BUT JOHNNY BALL!
For 2016 we had music and comedians and Ian heckling from the corner of the wrestling ring (who did put the Ian baby in the corner?)
2017 was a roaring success with interference from the Lrp awards, texts from the audience, musical interludes and definite shenanigans all taking place in an actual theatre (we went upmarket).

For 2018 there will be other things, and other VIP things, and a strange and mysterious guest who will be revealed (once their booking is secured). All of which you want because of (a) there are shiny award things and (b) there is a mysterious guest/co-host/gatecrasher.

So buy a ticket and be a Larper rubbing shoulders with the greatest of all. A Larper who can boast about being there in the company of “The Mystery Guest”

Call 07930 265 357
Email uklarpawards@gmail.com

Buy Online SOON at Eventbrite