Lifetime Award 2012 – Mark SfB Roberts

Mark started at Treasure Trap in 1983, soon graduating to running their basic adventure (more than 300 times, for over 3000 new players).

In ’85 Mark spent a year as Labyrinth Games system manager, for Pete Garner, building adventure areas, training referees, taking bookings, liaising with players and overseeing approximately 400 events from 2 hours to theme weekends.From here, he went on to start Heroquest in ’86 with the aim of running a continuous campaign where every event had repercussions on the next and players would have a real effect on the world. Heroquest has run over 600 events, of which Mark has personally run over 300, including 20 five day adventures, 2 week long ones, a ten day and an eleven day.

In ’91 he got together a group of experienced live role players at the end of a Summerfest event with the idea that we would run something bigger and better than anything that had been done previously. This was to become Lorien Trust, which still runs to this day.

In 2007 He started Herofest as a simple, family friendly game as somewhere for veteran Larpers to take their kids.For 10yrs he ran Candleston campsite, as part of Otherways Ltd, a site for use by larpers, run by larpers.

He is still involved in both Heroquest and Herofest and is also part of the team which runs ‘Whats Your Game’ in Gloucester.

Larping for over 35 years, Mark can boast writing and running over 1000 adventures/events and also probably making more mistakes than any other Larper. He aims to continue to innovate and remain open to what works, and what doesn’t.

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