2021 Larp Awards

Interesting times for Larp in 2020…

To reflect this, the 2021 UK Larp Awards adapted the categories to give more emphasis towards online games and embrace the international aspects of Larp the a mere pandemic couldn’t stop!

It also adapted to a live, online format which (technical difficulties aside) eventually announced the results.
If you would like your trophy, medal and certificate, the files are below.

Online Larp of the Year – Less than 10 players

  • Gaderung ***Winner***
  • Hokfell Larp *Joint Runner Up*
  • Muster 4: the Blue and the Green
  • No Rest for the Wicked Onlinears *Joint Runner Up*
  • Thread

Online Larp of the Year – 10 or more players

  • Gaderung
  • Intergalactic Space Opera (ISO) *Joint Runner Up*
  • Qualia
  • Storymaster’s Tales Interactive Role-Playing Theatre ***Winner***
  • Together Forever

Online Interaction of the Year

  • Alchemists Guild – Lorien Trust
  • DarkRaven Armoury
  • Gaderung
  • Intergalactic Space Opera (ISO) ***Winner***
  • Profound Decisions – Empire Lrp *Runner Up*

“In Person” Larp of the Year

  • Sovreignty Larp
  • The Last Hearth – Empire Player event set in Varushka *Runner Up*
  • We Are Legends – event 3 – by Legendary Larp ***Winner***
  • Witcher School International
  • X marks the spot

Award for Accessibility in Larp

  • A Midwinter Night’s Dream *Runner Up*
  • Empire LRP ***Winner***
  • Gaderung
  • ISO: Intergalactic Space Opera
  • Lorien Trust

Cancelled Larp of the Year

  • Empire – Profound Decisions *Joint Runner Up*
  • Erda
  • EYElarp’s Bindrune ***Winner***
  • No Rest for The Wicked *Joint Runner Up*
  • Rites of Spring

Larp Media of the Year

  • DarkRaven Armouries
  • HeftyYeti aka Steve Howell
  • LARPbook *Runner Up*
  • Orcs Planet (youtube)
  • The Larp Noobs Podcast ***Winner***

Larp producer of the year- foam/latex

  • Andy Rimmer/Offa Studios *Runner Up*
  • DarkRaven Armoury
  • Gnosis Studios
  • Irregular Props ***Winner***
  • Light Armouries

Larp producer of the year – leather

  • Chick Leathers
  • Dark Blade ***Winner***
  • Dark Raven Armoury
  • Goblin Workshop
  • McSkelly Leather *Runner Up*

Larp producer of the year – costume

  • Chow’s Emporium
  • Goldenmochi (Scarlett Hayler-King) ***Winner***
  • Oak Stall
  • Orton Originals
  • Whitestar clothing *Runner Up*

Online Larp retailer of the year

  • Chow’s Emporium
  • Clutterbuys ***Winner***
  • Darkblade
  • Having a Larp
  • Larp Inn *Runner Up*

Bard of the year

  • Claire Sheridan *Runner Up*
  • Michelle Cleland
  • Rusty Compass ***Winner***
  • Sam Wheatley (Sparrow)
  • Sarah Rose, AKA Ide (Dragons Faction, Lorien Trust)

Event Crew member of the year

  • Christopher Silverwood
  • Clare Evans ***Winner***
  • Hannah Cummins
  • Kitty Dobson *Runner Up*

Photography – General Category – Judge’s Choice

  • Prayers for the condemned – Oliver Facey ***Winner***
  • Lady Violente S’Forza – Kathleen Valentine
  • Little Marcher – Chiara Mac *Runner Up*
  • War Council – Steph Morris
  • Sleeping Siren – Katie Byrne
  • Prison Blues

Photography – Costume produced during lockdown – Judge’s Choice

  • Angel of decay – Megan Whimbrel ***Winner***
  • The newly noble, Lady Ione of House Castellan – Steph Edwards
  • Alice o’ Lights, Seaside Swamp Witch – James Fishwick-Ford
  • “The Phoenix General”, Urizen General – Scarlett Hayler-King
  • Jerry Rigs one stop repair shop – Adam Mcskelly *Runner Up*

Photography – Set or Prop – Judge’s Choice

  • Raphael the Armadillo puppet – Megan Whimbrel
  • Oberon Sleeps – Harry Harrold
  • Through The Scrying Glass – Marianne Wells *Runner Up*
  • The Hanging of Outlaw Henry King – Kitty Dobson ***Winner***
  • Set build for online market – Andy Rimmer

As we’re all winners, we all deserve a medal, trophy and certificate to say so.
This year they are open source, so download and print them all.
Fill in your certificate, cut out the medal (or badge if you prefer) and make the trophy.
To construct your trophy, curve the paper until the long edges meet and secure with tape.