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People and companies not covered by traders and promoters
If you are an artist, author, actor, speaker, puppet show, wrestling company or have some other talent you would like to share with us, please return the completed form (available here), via email, at

2020’s attractions included

Battle Axe

A mobile axe throwing range to teach you the subtleties of throwing and set you loose on our range to see who can bag a hi-score!
Keep an eye out for “high value targets”…


Supporters of the larp hobby via our website and YouTube Channel. Mostly we explore and talk about issues affecting larpers

Firehound Forge

Visit a Blacksmith with a passion for the craft, producing small scale historical and contemporary ironwork with modern technology and traditional techniques, using hie portable Victorian smithy, he will be demonstrating outside and is happy to talk about the history of blacksmithing while you peruse his works.

Medieval Illuminations

Hand made leather bound books, wall hangings, scrolls, hand written books live demos

Milingtron SFX

Special Effects Make Up for Events, Character Make Up consultations, Custom Prosthetics, Props

Needy Cat Games

Robot Fight Club is a game of card-feuled customizable arena combat using robots!

Robots Live

Meet robots from BBC’s Robot Wars, then take control your own battlebot
in the arena for a taste of mayhem filled action in this fun, family experience!

Starship Bridge UK

Think Star Trek through the Rock Band filter. You are playing together as if you were on a ship. Six players take control of a spaceship and try and complete a mission. Engineering, Science, Communications, Weapons and Flight all work together under the guide of their Captain. This is a computer based setup allowing you each your own role in flying a spaceship, battling aliens and making choices to save the galaxy in about an hour.


Fun and chocolate coated raisins.