Nominations are now open!

Nominations will close at 11pm on Friday 19th February.
Shortlists will be published Tuesday 23th February, then judging can commence.
Follow the link – Here – or in the header above to nominate.
Eligible Larps must should have run (or not run, in the case of “Cancelled Larp”) between 15th Feb 2020* and 19th Feb 2021.
The winners will be revealed on Saturday 6th March at the 2021 UK Larp Awards – an online event.
(*This is the date the nominations for the 2020 Larp Awards closed)

The 2021 Larp Awards Categories are:

  • Online Larp of the year – less than 10 players
  • Online Larp of the year – 10 or more players
  • Online interaction of the year – which Larp games and companies have interacted and engaged with their players or customers most interestingly this year
  • “In person” Larp of the year – for face to face larps that ran in a covid safe manner (no different player size categories for in person larps this year)
  • Award for Accessibility in Larp – going the extra mile to support people of varying mental and/or physical abilities and encouraging inclusivity
  • Cancelled Larp of the Year – (Yeah, we know…
    However, the main aim of the UK Larp Awards is to help promote the hundreds of larps that normally run each year. This category is so we can have carry on publishing a “Long List” of larps as we’ve been doing recently, just before we publish the shortlists. )
  • Larp Media of the Year – Blogs, Vlogs, Videos and PodcastsAll the above categories are open to Larps from around the world. There is no International Larp category this year and none of the other Larp categories are restricted to UK entry only
  • Larp Producer of the Year – Foam/Latex
  • Larp Producer of the Year – Leather
  • Larp Producer of the Year – Costume
  • On-line Larp Retailer of the Year – (nominations for Amazon and eBay will be ignored, nominations for Wish will be laughed at)
  • Bard of the Year
  • Event Crew Member of the Year
  • Unsung Hero Award
  • Life Time Achievement – Lifetime Achievement will not be awarded to the same person twice. Previous winners can be found Here.

Photography Categories have changed slightly with only 3 categories – General, Lockdown produced costume and Prop/Set piece.
Any photo, of any prop, costume or Larp which ran (or was made) after 15th Feb 2020 is eligible to enter.
The place to enter and view pictures is Here

making Nominations

  1. You do not need to nominate in every category. If you didn’t do a Large larp, that’s fine, we don’t mind, just leave the box blank. Blank boxes aren’t shown or counted and are quicker to process than an apology about how you aren’t able to put something more meaningful.
  2. We see the nominations as a list of everyone’s answers and we have to click around a bit to check who you mean when you say “Same as before” or “See above”. Your comment will be also overlooked if the nominee makes the shortlist because it has no reference in the appropriate list.
  3. Check whether you are nominating in the right category. Read the category title and the rider accompanying. If you have a question we are usually happy to help guide you because, while it can be a chuckle, we really do have to disqualify a person for not being an event, and the websites nominated for “Larp Site” in 2019 just couldn’t make the cut. It also makes us sad to disqualify what was undoubtedly an incredible weekend from “Sanctioned Event” because it was run by the main game’s team. That nomination might have made a difference to the shortlist if it had be placed – for example – in “Medium Larp” or “Club” instead. A message to your game team about what categories they are eligible for should be a welcome one.
  4. We won’t mark you on the spelling, grammar or punctuation in your nominations but we won’t necessarily know how to spell your friend’s name either, try to get it right for them. When nominating a character it helps a lot if you know the player’s name. It’s not always essential but inconsistencies can lead to nominations for someone going astray.
  5. Include the name of the Larp as well as the event because we can’t always be sure whether you meant the Moot 1/Lions/Wolves/Black Company faction at CP or LT.
  6. We LOVE to read your comments. Honestly think about whether they are actually helpful to the case you are putting forward though. Comments which are felt to be damaging to the nominated body’s chances will not be put forward to the judges. E.G. “because X told me to nominate them” makes X look a bit desperate and makes you look reluctant to stand by your nomination.
  7. Not adding comments is fine too. If you want to comment but can’t decide what to write, you can save your nomination form and come back to it later.
  8. Comments which stretch to more than 2 paragraphs will be cropped/edited (if used) because the judge’s document is already more than 20 pages!
  9. We’re not sure how to feel about second hand love. For example, nominations along the themes of “My friends keeps raving about it so it must be good” and “I didn’t actually go but it looked awesome and now I wish I did…” Does that mean it wasn’t actually good enough to make the effort for? Was it too expensive? Did tickets sell out? Use them with care, in the knowledge that your comment is unlikely to make the judges eyes; and if it did, would it help the case you are making?
  10. We really, really mean it when we say we’re not awarding Lifetime Achievement to the same person twice. If you nominate someone on the list of previous Lifetime Achievement winners (here’s a link to them, like there is in the nominations survey), then you owe us £1…
How the LARP awards work
There are lots of categories.
You can nominate the things you want to in the relevant categories, ideally with your reasons for doing so (we went over this just above).
When the nomination period closes we count the nominations in each category.
The five nominees in each category that receive the most nominations form the short list.
In the case of a tie the comments provided are used as a tie breaker.
Once the short lists are established we create “The Document of Power”, which contains 2 or 3 of your most glowing comments for each nomination (this is over 30 pages long!).
This document is then circulated to the judging panel, for their perusal.
The judging panel is made up of previous LARP award winners. Judges pick first second and third in each category which receive 5 points 3 points and 2 points respectively.
Judges are not permitted to vote in any category where it is deemed that they have a vested interest (for example if a judge’s LARP is nominated in Small LARP of the Year they are ineligible to vote in that category).
When the voting period closes, the points totals are added up and the nominee with the highest total wins. In the case of a tie the head judge has the casting vote.
Overall LARP of the year is picked from the winners of the small, medium and large LARP of the year categories.
There are no short lists for unsung hero or life time achievement categories – the winners are selected independently based on your nominations.
For the photo categories the people’s choice award is decided by which photo gets most ‘likes’.
The judge’s choice awards is based on a variety of photographic criteria which can be seen here –…/2019/06/Photo-Judging-Criteria.docx.