2022 Larp Awards

Once again, awards season rolls around. The 12th Annual UK Larp Awards are now open for your nominations! Bearing a striking resemblance to last year’s award categories (you can’t improve on perfection! ).

The nominations are now closed.

Shortlists to be published on Tuesday the 22nd of February. With the winners announced at the UK Larp Awards on the evening of Saturday the 5th of March.

Online Larp of the Year – Less than 10 players

Online Larp of the Year – 10 or more players

Online Interaction of the Year

“In Person” Larp of the Year

Award for Accessibility in Larp

Cancelled Larp of the Year

Larp Media of the Year

Larp producer of the year- foam/latex

Larp producer of the year – leather

Larp producer of the year – costume

Online Larp retailer of the year

Bard of the year

Event Crew member of the year

Nominations are now closed.

The categories for the 2022 UK Larp Photo Awards are:

General – Any photo, of any Larp which ran after 19th Feb 2021

Costume – bought and assembled or hand created from scratch all is fine.

Prop or Set of the Year (we’ll accept cool Zoom backgrounds in this category too)

Each submission must have been taken after 19th Feb 2021 and be accompanied by the following information:






Costume worn by: (Only for Costume photos)

Pictures can be submitted via the Facebook group

Your picture won’t appear immediately. If it isn’t selling trainers, or designer shades, it will be approved when admin have a moment.

The winner of the People’s Choice Larp Award in each category will be the photo with the most likes at the time the public judging closes.

The 5 photos with the most “likes” at this time (no more than 1 per person per category) will form the shortlists for the Judges’ Choice awards.

Please check with the photographer/costume wearer before entering their photos.

The person entering the photo will be the winner, if you wish to appeal the ownership of any photo or who should win the prize then let us know.

There are no restrictions on where in the world the photo was taken or indeed the nationality of the photographer.

Submissions and “likes” close at 11pm on the 16th February 2022, the winners of the People’s Choice award and the shortlists for the Judges Choice award will be announced shortly afterwards.

By entering the competition you agree that we can print out a large copy of your image to be displayed at a future LarpCon, should your photo make it on to a shortlist.