2022 Larp Awards

Once again, awards season rolls around. The 12th Annual UK Larp Awards bore a striking resemblance to the previous year’s award categories (you can’t improve on perfection! ).

Online Larp of the Year – Less than 10 players

• Gothic LARP
• Nothing to hide.
• Rising of Chaos
• Cthulhu Parlour – The Maddening – A Storymasters Tale – ***winner***
• One in the Chamber – Tom Hawkins, a murder mystery

Online Larp of the Year – 10 or more players

• City Of No Flag
• Four Pillars LARP
• ISO: Intergalactic Space Opera ***winner***
• Okto8
• The Storymaster’s Tales

Online Interaction of the Year

• Empire Lrp
• Intergalactic Space Opera ***winner***
• Lorien Trust
• Steamweave

“In Person” Larp of the Year

• Curious Pastimes
• Feyfolken***winner***
• Lorien Trust
• The Northern Kingdoms
• SteamWeave

Award for Accessibility in Larp

• Archeus Larp
• Beyond Ragnarok***winner***
• Empire LRP
• Eyelarp
• Sovereignty

Cancelled Larp of the Year

• Empire LRP (Profound Decisions)
• Gods & Monsters
• Legacy
• Orion Sphere
• EYE LARP’S ‘Second Breakfast’***winner***

Larp Media of the Year

• HeftyYeti – Steve Howell
• LARPBook
• Our Adventuring Party
• Larp Noobs Podcast***winner***
• Weekend heroes

Larp producer of the year- foam/latex

• Gnosis Studios
• Irregular Props
• Light Armouries
• Offa Studios***winner***
• The Goblin workshop

Larp producer of the year – leather

• Darkblade
• LARPMax – Max Berry
• McSkelly Leathers
• Mythic Leatherworks
• Trollkonge***winner***

Larp producer of the year – costume

• Rebecca Sutton
• Chow’s Emporium
• Craeftigan
• Golden Mochi Designs***winner***
• Sewn by dragons

Online Larp retailer of the year

• Clutter-Buys Original Larp Auctions***winner***
• CorvoLarpJewellery
• Darkblade
• Having a Larp
• LarpInn

Bard of the year

• Bartosz Michalczyk
• Jamie Gould
• Of Spells and Strings Carolin Mrugała
• Castor/Redd, played by Samuel Kerr***winner***
• Vollsanger

Event Crew member of the year

• Effie Langley-Evans
• Johnny Fisher
• Kitty Dobson***winner***
• Max Cooke
• Thomas Richer

The categories for the 2022 UK Larp Photo Awards are:


• Bardic inspiration – David Winpenny
• Third Person Shooter – Kayleigh Dolphin ***winner***
• Yes, THIS Army – Weekend Heroes
• Enjoying the View – Daniel J. Wild
• Builder of the damned – John Haynes


• Unleash the Rotfiend! – Made by Dan Tuck – Dogbane SFX – Photographer: Tony Berzins
• The Grendall – worn by: Jonathon Saul – Kayleigh Dolphin Photography
• The Birch Crone – worn by: Georgia Bevis & Orla Brandon – Oliver Facey***winner***
• Rattenburg’s Backside – worn Andy Seagull – Steph Pardoe
• Regency in Lilac – Worn by Scarlett Hayler-King – Tom Garnett

Prop or Set of the Year

• Horrid Little Bird Demon – Oliver Facey
• Home is where the camp is – Winter Pict Photography
• The Funeral Pyre – Kayleigh Dolphin Photography***winner***
• Kingstoke Morning – Daniel J. Wild
• Cease Hostilities or the Cute Turret Cometh – Ben Smith

Unsung Hero

Emma Stanton***winner***

Lifetime Achievement

Sir Ian Livingstone and Andy Dudgeon***winner***

Many thanks to all who participated.

All photography submissions can be viewed here- https://www.facebook.com/groups/503710324515448

Your picture won’t appear immediately. If it isn’t selling trainers, or designer shades, it will be approved when admin have a moment.

The winner of the People’s Choice Larp Award in each category will be the photo with the most likes at the time the public judging closes.

The 5 photos with the most “likes” at this time (no more than 1 per person per category) will form the shortlists for the Judges’ Choice awards.

Please check with the photographer/costume wearer before entering their photos.

The person entering the photo will be the winner, if you wish to appeal the ownership of any photo or who should win the prize then let us know.

There are no restrictions on where in the world the photo was taken or indeed the nationality of the photographer.

Submissions and “likes” decide the winners of the People’s Choice award and the shortlists for the Judges Choice award will be announced shortly afterwards.

By entering the competition you agree that we can print out a large copy of your image to be displayed at a future LarpCon, should your photo make it on to a shortlist.