The trade hall is filling up, VIPs are booked, talks and activities are taking shape. The tickets will be available imminently.
Nominations for the awards are flooding in and its shaping up to be a great event


The hectic summer period is now over, and we’ve had a nice sit down… 😀
Which has given us the chance to review the responses from the feedback survey. Many thanks to everyone who responded!

Survey results, by category, were:

Traders – 77.8% want more traders (note: no respondent wanted less traders!) We’re looking at ways to increase the selection of traders and products offered for 2019.

Promoters – 92.5% want at least the same or more promoters. Unfortunately there is no more space to fit promoters in. For 2019, we will be encouraging promoters who run multiple games to combine them onto one pitch, which allows us to fit in additional systems.

Talks, panels and workshops – 92.6% want at least the same or more more talks, panels and workshops. We intend to have a full program of these again next year. If you would like to give/run a talk, workshop or be part of a panel then please get in touch with what you’d like to do. If you have ideas for what you’d like to see then similarly, please let us know.

Battle of the Nations – 83.3% want at least the same or more Battle of the Nations. The battling knights will return again in 2019.

Mini Larps – 85.1% want at least the same or more mini larps. We have some ideas of larps to run, if you’d like to run a Larp next year, get in touch with more information about your larp.

Special Guests – 88.9% want at least the same or more. We will have the same amount or more special guests next year

Wrestling – 76.9% want less wrestling. (It possibly should be noted that this was still less people than actually *watched* the wrestling!) The wrestling is noisy, it goes on for a long time and takes up a bunch of room. Whilst we enjoy the wrestling, we’ve run it for 3 years and feel like we could do with a change in entertainment anyway. We’re changing the layout of the room slightly and using the freed up space to fit in some more traders.

We’ll still be having entertainment (and the raised seating area) but are conscious that any entertainment *will* be noisy and can be a distraction, so we’ll stick closer to the planned timetable, meaning attendees can plan their shopping accordingly. We’re also investigating the use of ceiling banners to deaden the noise.

Additional feedback included:

There was an issue where traders or promoters were unable to attend or left early – this information wasn’t communicated effectively enough with attendees, not helped by the event floor plan and timetable handout not being delivered on time due to the snow.

We are looking at ways of addressing this issue in future (probably with a massive information board in the entrance), as well as better signage to help people navigate the building (mainly large signs saying “toilets” as “changing rooms” really isn’t clear enough).

And finally, “More promotion of the event is needed…” (From someone not wanting to be added to our mailing list! 🙂 )

This is something that you can all help with. We run a Facebook ad campaign and share our event far and wide, we also distribute posters and in the region of 10,000 flyers (not forgetting the promo video, with Hugo Myatt that had over 5000 views 😉 ).

We’d like as many people as possible to hear about LarpCon, it’s a great place to find out about Larp for new players (and an amazing place to come to if you’re already a larper!), so please invite your friends to the event and share the link with everyone and everywhere that will find it of interest!