Seen¬†everything you need to go Larping but don’t know what game to go and play? Need more details about a system? Look no further! LarpCon has a plethora of systems all gathered in one place to tell you all about their game and to lure you in with tales of daring-do and adventure. Check them out below. If you don’t see your favourite system then give them a poke and tell them to come along next year and promote their event too – you could even offer to help ūüôā

Note: There are more promoters but they’re also running trade stands so make sure to check everyone out and see if they have more on offer!


Curious Pastimes

Curious Pastimes specialises in running high-quality large scale Player versus Monster (PVM) battles against consistently fresh, challenging enemies, during which both sides have the flexibility to change and adopt new battle plans and tactics. We also offer a wide variety of Plots of different flavours and scales, both Player driven and otherwise, and provide many Non-Player Characters (NPC’s) for you to interact with. The Renewal Campaign has tried and tested Alchemy and Crafting systems along with many other research and trading opportunities. We have an easy to understand but a comprehensive Magic system that includes both Ritual magic and everyday Battle magic, and ever-growing opportunities to delve into new and deeper arcana.

Curious Pastimes is a family friendly system that welcomes both new and experienced players of all ages, to its rich, long-running campaign.

Profound Decisions

We are a professional live roleplaying company that specialise in creating high-quality player-led events. The actions of our players are at the heart of our games.

We currently run one game, Empire, which started in Easter 2013. Odyssey finished and you missed it. So there. It was ace. Empire replaces our previous campaign setting, Maelstrom, which ran for nine years and ended in a climatic finale at the end of 2012.

Eye LARP/Film Sim Events

We provide professional larp experiences spanning a very wide spectrum of genres across the UK. We have a number of our own sites and access to many others through our many partners. Our unique approach to Larp means we have a very varied wardrobe of costumes that we can lend out to our customers, meaning you don’t need to spend loads of money up front to enjoy your hobby.

Futures End

Set in an alternative near-future reality in which super-powered beings are commonplace, Future’s End is an 18+ PvPvE Live Action Role Playing game designed for a wide variety of archetypes.

Earth is no longer the sole preserve of humanity, with new beings now walking among them in the form of mutants, aliens and ethereal beings. Future’s End players embody these meta-types, gifted with super-powers which they use to try and better the world, as well as protect it from those who would use their powers for evil.

They are faced with the tough choice of whether to become part of Operation:Alpha (an independent super-hero faction) or Project:Omega (a government employed body) as they face off against some of the world’s most powerful supervillains, all the while trying to manipulate the media in their favour so as to see their faction triumph over the other…

Welcome to Future’s End.

Dark Adept

A future fantasy larp system, that was inspired by Warhammer 40k based in Northampton. The system follows a group of interplanetary mercenaries who use everything at the hands to complete an objective.
In this system, We use Nerf weapons as guns and larp weapons as combat weapons.


Running larp events to raise the profile of the hobby, while raising money for charity; which helps fledgeling larp groups to get started, and enables people with difficult circumstances to attend larp.

Lumpy Rubber Sheep

The only online¬†reference was last year’s LarpCon¬†time table and floor plan. They’re mysterious larp promoters, staying off the grid so their players can never spoil the plot by stumbling upon information, like where, when, or how much…

Bothwell School of Witchcraft

An all new school of magic, Bothwell is a place where you can finally live out your dream of attending a school of magic. You’ll get to take part in a live action¬†immersive experience with fellow students.¬†

The Crimson Moon Tavern

The Crimson Moon Tavern is a fully in character tavern specialising in fantasy, medieval, steampunk and custom taverns to fit in any universe in any time period. We cater to festival systems, faction events, birthday parties, weddings or any other occasion.

Age of Ether

Based on the concepts of H. G. Wells‚Äô novel, ‚ÄúWar of the Worlds‚ÄĚ and drawing on influences from the steampunk, science fiction and fantasy genres that will take you into an alternative history of the 19th Century world where, for the second time in a century, the Martians have sent their war machines to Earth. Humanity, however, is not alone. Alongside them are a number of alien races, freed from the Martian invaders. They too have something to gain, something to fight for and something to lose.

Faded Glory

Welcome to the world of Rihona, much has changed in the years since that brave soul ventured beyond the great wall and took the fight to the Undead for the first time in two centuries.  We are no longer a group of frightened people hiding behind the protection of an ancient magical artefact.

Strange Lrp

Set in the world of Jonathan Strange & Mr¬†Norrell, you are invited to join a Regency-era adventure of wondrous magic, genteel manners and fairy malevolence. Strange LRP, with its¬†simple combat mechanics, is a ‚Äėhigh-end‚Äô, fully-catered event. Set in the luxurious Hawkesworth estate (represented by the beautifully historic Treowen Manor and grounds) is a world of mystery and conflict, both between the players and against the denizens of the Fairie realm, with potential for working together against a common enemy, however, the world of Fairie is only a misplaced step away‚Ķ

Fools & Heroes

F&H has a unique world setting and colourful history that will set your imagination on fire. Small, local, groups run high-fantasy plotlines (on a Saturday or Sunday) which culminate in “The grandaddy of them all”, The Original fest Larp – Summerfest.
With 20+ branches, between Edinburgh and Plymouth, you are bound to be able to find an event close to you. Whether you want to play more regularly than 4 times a year or just try Larp without needing to commit to a long weekend of camping, t
here’s always something going on with F&H.

Grange Live Gaming – Bravo one

Bravo One is a massive indoor LARP site in the centre of Birmingham available to hire year round. Allowing you to run urban and dungeon based events and games where the weather is no longer a factor. 

Huntley Wood and The Vale

If you require a beautiful, natural outdoor setting, with excellent but unobtrusive modern facilities, Huntley Wood is the perfect venue for your event. It is easy to reach by road and rail and yet completely secluded from the hustle and bustle of modern life, making it the best of all worlds.
The Vale is a competitive, Player Vs Player Vs Environment, live-action roleplaying game built around competition for resources in a post apocalyptic high fantasy world.


Beginning as a family, village event. Some live music on a trailer and a few real ales. We like to think it is enjoyed by many people from outside of Bardwell too. Best described as a ‚Äėreally good party‚Äô featuring rock, jazz, folk, pop and 30 ales from some of the country‚Äôs finest microbreweries. There’s even a children’s entertainer; Stevie Spud. All profits from BardFest are reinvested into developing sporting facilities and equipment.