LarpCon has a plethora of Larp systems, gathered in one place, to tell you all about their game and lure you in with tales of daring-do and adventure. Fancy a change of genre? Looking for more details about a system, service or site? Then look no further! 

Promoters confirmed attending LarpCon 2019 are…

Archery Legends

Channel your inner Robin Hood and feel what it’s like to shoot like a legend at a one-of-a-kind, arrow shooting, bow twanging, indoor archery activity centre for everyone who would like to try shooting a bow and arrow (Green tights optional).

Curious Pastimes

A high quality large scale Player versus Monster battles against consistently fresh, challenging enemies, during which both sides have the flexibility to change and adopt new battle plans and tactics.


Faded Glory

A small high fantasy larp group running two weekend-long events and one, four day, Easter event each year.  We focus on player driven plot, helping people feel immersed in the story of the world with their actions affecting the outcome of events and the world at large.

Fields of Illusion

We are a Live Action Role-play Game based in Winkleigh, Devon. Our setting is High Fantasy with a dash of black powder weaponry for extra flavour.

Fools and Heroes

A traditional fantasy style world in which you can really feel a part of the action and capable of making a difference in the world. Built on a history
of more than 30 years of constant gameplay. Immerse yourself in the fantasy adventure of monsters, gods and magic.

Frail Realities 

In 1818 French Mathmagicians shatter reality while attempting to break the liche Napoleon out of St. Helena. This collapse tears the world into tiny islands, realms, interspersed in ‘seas’ of entropic wasteland through which few can ‘safely’ walk. As part of the London Wasteland Commision, you are one such person.

Legacy Larp

A UK fest Larp about retaking a doomed world for the glory of the Gods. Politics, religion, intrigue and combat combine in a rich player driven setting.

Lumpy Rubber Sheep

This year: “Larp Noir” 

Northern Kingdoms Larp from IED Games

A “Witcher” Themed Larp


In a world where fast progressing technology has gone beyond its time, regressing societies compete for power using swords, bucklers, Nerf guns and elderly tanks. Using actual tanks – with paintball guns in the turrets! A dieselpunk/dark future/medieval/WW1 game.

Orion Sphere

Orion Sphere is a live roleplay game in an original sci-fi setting.
Join one of the 4 factions of the Sphere and make your fortune among the stars!

The booking form for the 2019 event is now available from here.

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