Promoters attending LarpCon 2024

As a plethora of Larp systems gathered in one place to help you find your game.
Maybe you werelured in with a friend’s tales of daring-do and adventure. Maybe you f
ancy a change of genre? Looking for more details about a system, service or site?
The promoters you’re looking for may be here.

Herofest LARP

Herofest is a long running LARP game that is now based at Huntley Wood. We are a small/mid sized festival larp with a easy to learn rules system, and a 30+ year long player driven history. We provide an introduction to LARP for people with zero experience with a guided event for brand new players, but we also provide a quieter haven for experienced players that are looking for a more social experience and can spend time exploring the history, work on a specific part of their LARP hobby, or just enjoy the combat.

DreamLands Larp

Come Discover a New Larp ‘The DreamLands’, Coming in 2025. Why have you awoken in a strange resort and why are all the staff saying they are sorry your world is dying?

Curious Pastimes

We’re a high fantasy Live Roleplaying Game set in our own universe with a rich history and a vibrant, living world filled with gods, monsters, magic and mayhem.
Great for new or more experienced larpers.


Steamweave is a high fantasy gothic horror steampunk survival larp. Taking on the mantle of a member of the Alliance Cartel you create your hero; warrior, trader, spell caster, Bard, gun slinger, Steamtech, Noble, Politician, Engineer… The options are many and varied as you decide what kind of character you wish to be. Elves rub shoulders with Orcs, Goblins, Pixies, Halflings and more as the Alliance Cartel travels the mythical world of Averthia on its perilous mission. Treasure, glory, fame… What brings you to Alliance Cartel?

Profound Decisions – Empire LRP

To stroke the furry War Rhino? Hmm – maybe better to copy what I said last year (just add a thousand more to whatever numbers I might have mentioned for attendee..!)

Fantasy Forest

The fantasy festival for sci-fi, fantasy, reenactment, cosplay, gamers and dreamers  at Sudeley Castle, Cheltenham

The Unfinished Tome

A game of danger, investigation and magic.
You find you have recently gained strange powers beyond anything you have ever seen.
Called by mysterious dreams, you leave behind your mundane life and walk into the wilds. There are others who dream as you do; will they be allies or opponents in the days to come?

UK Freeforms and UKLTA

Uk Freeforms is a group that promotes the writing, running and playing of live action roleplaying games in the UK of all varieties.
UKLTA is a laser tag larp group that runs genre larps inspired by popular movies, books and TV shows and historical events.

Forsaken Lands larp

Fantasy based larp set in a Forsaken land , A yes Larp inspired by Table top games.

Fields of Illusion

A family friendly, hero based, high fantasy larp with a dash of black powder, on a beautiful site with access to 90+ acres, in Winkleigh Devon.
Within our realm roams humans, orcs, beastkin and so much more, there’s something for everyone. A game fit for the newbie or the veteran wanting to try something new!

Beyond Ragnarok

Norse Mythology inspired LARP game, set beyond a Ragnarok that went very wrong.
Hel won the battle and everyone fled across the bifrost with Heimdal sealing it behind him.
Now its 200 years later, when Humanity, and Jotunborn have integrated themselves into the societies of the Higher realms, the bifrost has reopened, and Midgard is accessible once more.

Heroes and Heroines

High fantasy, high hit larp

Orion Sphere LRP

Orion Sphere LRP is an inclusive sci-fi live roleplaying system that takes place in the distant future of our own galaxy.

The Jade Throne LARP

Set in Tokoro: a wholly fictional, fantasy game setting inspired by the societies of ancient feudal Japan and China, and by the heroes and legends of ancient Greece.
Players take the role of samurai living within a rigid and intricate social structure of courtly games, family feuds, glorious deeds, and powerful beings.

Wilde Realms LARP

Dark Fey Fantasy system based on Kent


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