LarpCon has a plethora of Larp systems, gathered in one place, to tell you all about their game and lure you in with tales of daring-do and adventure. Fancy a change of genre? Looking for more details about a system, service or site? Then look no further!

Promoters attending LarpCon 2022 are… 

Beyond Ragnarok – META Games Studios Ltd

a large festival style Norse mythology based game, set 200 years after ‘Ragnarok’ broke the realms and the Bifrost was destroyed, cutting off Midgard. When the Bifrost mysteriously reopened, Midgard was rediscovered, with some magical surprises and unexpected survivors.

Curious Pastimes

A high quality large scale Player versus Monster battles against consistently fresh, challenging enemies, during which both sides have the flexibility to change and adopt new battle plans and tactics.


A low rules, high production values larp company working out of our award winning home site in Eversley, Hampshire. We run every genre of game from Roman Legionnaires to futuristic Colonial Marines, via Cowboys, Vikings, Halflings and Arthurian heroes. 

Fantasy Forest

The UK’s outdoor Fantasy event dedicated to Costuming and Fantasy in the broadest sense. 

Green Cloaks 

A Sci-Fantasy system, set far in the future, in the Novus sector.
The armies of the Terran Sovereignty face new challenges, politics, creatures and threats. The decisions made will affect the sovereignty itself as they defend it from threats both external and internal.

Humanity Ascendant 

Take on the role of survivors of nuclear apocalypse brought about by unseen foes, assigned to rediscover the world around them for the sake of Humanity.  Use state-of-the-art outdoor Laser Tag equipment in highly realistic firefights, and utilise your smartphone to realise scientific breakthroughs and investigate scenes.
Humanity Ascendant will be running taster games during the weekend. Register your interest at their table.

Legacy Larp

A UK fest Larp about retaking a doomed world for the glory of the Gods. Politics, religion, intrigue and combat combine in a rich player driven setting. 

Lumpy Rubber Sheep

An illusive and off-the-grid, secret society, in Leicester.
Possibly paranoid, possibly running tasters of Paranoia Larp…

Shattered Earth – META Games Studios Ltd

a small 24 hour time in horror survival game booked to begin in November 2022. Set in a post apocalyptic earth with new world nations and something very very wrong sweeping the world. Travel to a new landmass as part of The Conglomerate to have your day, and your night, absolutely ruined.

Orion Sphere LRP 

A science fiction game in which four main powers, the militaristic Ascendancy, mysterious Commonality, conquering Dominion and resolute Free Union. vie for power in the galaxy, supported by the Intergalactic MegaCorps.

Profound Decisions 

Empire is a live roleplaying game set in a richly-detailed fantasy world. It is a game of politics, intrigue and war as players try to steer their Empire to victory over its many enemies


A high-fantasy, gothic-horror, fest system, with steampunk elements throughout, set in the high fantasy world of Averthia; where your actions have consequences and the decisions are yours to make. All you have to do, is survive!

Tank Larp 

A Dark Age meets Dieselpunk fantasy setting, concerning War in all its Glory and Horror.

The Bare Bones Tavern

The Bare Bones Tavern is a fully licenced IC bar, we we can scale our size and stock to suit your event.

The promoters will all welcome a click on the link to their website or Facebook page to learn more about their products and services.

Booking is open for LarpCon 2022.
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