LarpCon has a plethora of Larp systems, gathered in one place, to tell you all about their game and lure you in with tales of daring-do and adventure. Fancy a change of genre? Looking for more details about a system, service or site? Then look no further! 

Promoters confirmed attending LarpCon 2018 are…

Humanity Ascendant 

An in-development Post-Apocalypse setting using state of the art Outdoor Laser Tag Equipment.

Wasteland UK

A post apocalyptic British Wasteland survival LRP set in the near future.


Fairy Tales and Folklore are rooted in truth. Some of us can see past what we know should be into what really is. The problem is, it can see us too.

A modern day LRP based on childhood stories, investigation and saving this world from the others. 

Eye Larp

Immersive experiences inspired by films, stories and video games.

Strange Larp

It is the year 1822. Since the Revival of English Magic, women’s magic is seeking recognition. Diverse factions of magicians, spies politicians, criminals and fairies vie for ascendancy in magical England, and no one knows who will be victorious.

Crimson Moon Tavern

Fully in character tavern, specializing in UK mead, covering fantasy, sci-fi, steampunk and post-apocalypse larps.

Curious Pastimes

A high quality large scale Player versus Monster battles against consistently fresh, challenging enemies, during which both sides have the flexibility to change and adopt new battle plans and tactics.

Fields of Illusion

A small, high-fantasy, family friendly, fest-style system running events for around 100 people, near Winkleigh, in Devon

Profound Decisions

Set in a richly-detailed fantasy world, it is a game of politics, intrigue and war as players try to steer their Empire to victory over its many enemies.

Faded Glory

A small high fantasy larp group running two weekend-long events and one, four day, Easter event each year.  We focus on player driven plot, helping people feel immersed in the story of the world with their actions affecting the outcome of events and the world at large.

Rogue Events 

Rogue Events is a relatively new events company that specialises in live-action role play and interactive theatre events. They are the team behind the Bothwell School of Witchcraft. They also use those devices in training and education as well as offering consulting services.

Bothwell School of Witchcraft

The Bothwell School of Witchcraft is a place where you can finally live out your dream of becoming a real-life student of magic. Set in a real 15th Century Castle, Bothwell promises to be an enchanting experience.

Future’s End

A present-day, alternate reality in which super-powered beings are commonplace. Future’s End is an 18+ PvPvE game designed for a wide variety of archetypes.

Grange Live Gaming:Bravo One

A massive indoor LARP site in the centre of Birmingham available to hire year round. Allowing you to run urban and dungeon based events and games where the weather is no longer a factor.

Fools and Heroes

A traditional fantasy style world in which you can really feel a part of the action and capable of making a difference in the world. Built on a history
of more than 30 years of constant gameplay. Immerse yourself in the fantasy adventure of monsters, gods and magic.


Bardfest mini will be taking place again. A co-operative work of improvisation for anyone who feels like making music together

Lumpy Rubber Sheep

Huntley Wood 

170 acres of woodland, grassland and lakes set in the picturesque Staffordshire Moorlands.

The Vale

P.V.P high fantasy Larp system

Exiled on the Shores of Carmoa

A small fest style LARP based around a high fantasy-swashbuckling original world, a game about rogues and the righteous, every shade of grey is accommodated for. Players may become kings, queens, lords and ladies of the underworld or of course of the known world around them.


A fun and educational place to learn about Live Action Role Playing, read insightful articles, see some of the people who run and play some awesome games, have a fantastic time in social groups asking questions and being informed on what is new in the Larp community.

“Northern Kingdoms” Larp from IED Games

A “Witcher” Themed Larp

Heart of Pargon

A high fantasy system set in the young world of Velmaneth. We have been running day adventures, weekend, and full week events since 2004. Our ethos has always been that player actions should drive plot: every character has the potential to change the course of world history.

Legacy Larp

A UK fest Larp about retaking a doomed world for the glory of the Gods. Politics, religion, intrigue and combat combine in a rich player driven setting.

Green Cloaks

Large-scale fest sci-fi/fantasy nerf-based system set in the far-distant future.


Small-medium high fantasy larp based on exploring a new land filled with magic and diplomatic incidents waiting to happen.

Tank Larp

A pseudo medieval/WW1 system starting in 2019 (TBC) This system pushes boundaries with live APCs and Tank paintball, Nerf Rival based weapons and a setting based in a medieval era fast progressing in technology beyond its time.

Age of Aether

Steam Punk Science Fantasy inspired by War of the Worlds

Giles Meakin; Artist 



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