2020 Larp Awards

The 2020 Larp Awards took place on the Saturday evening of LarpCon as usual.
All the nominees deserve recognition for their efforts and achievements.

Most of the awards are the same as previous years.
This year, saw the retirement of the ever controversial Player of the Year category, and the removal of Mainstream Event.
Replacing them are Larp Media of the Year (for Blogs, Vlogs, videos and Podcasts). to Creature Costume of the Year, which has been tweaked to include Puppets.

The results are:

***NEW*** Larp Media of the Year

The LARP Noobs Podcast *Runner Up*
The Orcs Planet
Larpbook ***Winner***
Slender videos
Access Larp

***NEW*** Prop of the year

The Bridge of the Obsidian Cygnus – Star Wars Larp
Severed head/edible brain – We Are Legends Event 2  from Legendary Larp
The Spear of L.U.G.H – Fairyland *Runner Up*
The Jump engine – Odysseus LARP
Trebuchets at siege of Ravensberg – Curious Pastimes

Award for Accessibility in Larp

Empire *Runner Up*
Lorien Trust
Making It ***Winner***
Legacy Lrp
Orion Sphere

International Larp of the year

Goat Larp *Runner Up*
Odysseus ***Winner***
The Night in Question
Epic Empires

Larp venue of the year

Huntley Wood *Runner Up*
The Grange
Treowen House ***Winner***

Small Larp of the year

Faded Glory
Gaderung (formerly Clans of Albion)
MVEX ***Winner***
Star Wars (Obsidian Cygnus) *Runner Up*

Medium Larp of the year

Orion Sphere
Fairyland ***Winner***
All for One *Runner Up*
Jade Throne
Flying Lead

Large Larp of the year

Empire ***Winner***
Curious Pastimes *Runner Up*
Lorien Trust
Green Cloaks
Legacy Lrp

Family Event of the Year

Empire *Runner Up*
Lorien Trust
Legacy ***Winner***
Orion Sphere
Fields of Illusion

Player Run or Sanctioned Event of the year

Nemesis 2 – Empire ***Winner***
Return to Moi – Fir Cruthen – Curious Pastimes *Runner Up*
Mistbound – Harts – Lorien Trust
Alea Iacta Est – King’s Keep – Green Cloaks
Tales in the Sand – Death Unto Darkness

Club System of the Year

Fools & Heroes *Runner Up*
Hokfell (University of Leeds)
Union Lrp (Nottingham) ***Winner***
Forest Argent

Grassroots System of the Year

Empire ***Winner***
Fools & Heroes
Gaderung (formerly Clans of Albion)
Erda *Runner Up*

New Larp of the year

The Jade Throne ***Winner***
We Are Legends
Tank Larp
Obsidian Cygnus *Runner Up*

Larp producer of the year- foam/latex

Light Armouries *Runner Up*
Gnosis Studios
Goblin Workshop ***Winner***
Saxon Violence
Twisted Goblin Armouries

Larp producer of the year – leather

Locke & Lode *Runner Up*
McSkelley Leathers ***Winner***
Goblin Workshop
The Thornless Rose

Larp producer of the year – costume

White Star Clothing
Romany Robes *Runner Up*
Golden Mochi Costumes & Commissions – Scarlett Hayler-King***Winner***
Denise Gill
Wonderlust Couture

Larp Caterer of the year

Caggles Catering Corps *Runner Up*
The Ratt Shakk
The Wooden Spoon ***Winner***
Jacqui Hancox/Cookie – Faded Glory
Good, Honest Food Company

Player Costume of the Year

Title: AX-3000/Alex ***Winner*** Judges’ Choice
Made by/worn by: Cara Packwood
Where: Tenement 67
Photographer: Oliver Facey

Title: Bothan Pilot *Runner Up* Judges’ Choice
Costume worn by: Ben Macey
Costume Made by: Whitestar Clothing (Pilot Suit) Northfur FX (Raw Mask), Mandala Studios (Mask Flocking and Balaclava/Ears)
Where: Obsidian Cygnus
Photographer: Roy Smallpage

Title: ‘Imperial Gold’
Costume worn by: Matt Kazmierczak / Skywise Fal
Name of creature costume/prop maker: The Armchair Armoury
Where: EmpirePhotographer: Steph Morris

Title: Pensive Witcher
Worn By: Rob Driscoll
Where: Northern Kingdoms
Photographer: Ben Smith

Title: Sasori Makato
Made by/worn by: Danielle Starkey
Where: Jade Throne
Photographer: Winterpict

Creature Costume or Puppet of the year

Tatsuko – The Luck Dragon
Snowtain – baby psionic battle goat – Faded Glory
Wyvern/Wyrm – Curious Pastimes
Drowners – Northern Kingdoms ***Winner***
H8-3R Power Droid – Obsidian Cygnus *Runner Up*

Online Larp retailer of the year

Larp Inn *Runner Up*
Twisted Goblin Armouries
Gem’s Trading Co ***Winner***
Chow’s Emporium

In field Larp retailer of the year

Chow’s Emporium ***Winner***
Having a Larp *Runner Up*
Gem’s Trading Co
Twisted Goblin Armouries
Light Armouries

Bard of the year

Sparro Trifoot – Empire – Sam Wheatley
D J Wild – Fairyland – John Newton ***Winner***
Golden Apple *Runner Up*
Rusty Compass – Will Rivington
Dai Murasaki – Lorien Trust – Dread Roberts

NPC of the year

Lucille Guthrie – Saph – Lorien Trust
Rob Hopper – D’Artagnan – All For One ***Winner***
Chris Goddard, Petrov Zamoldchikova-Rhyzhikov – Orion Sphere, Terran Ascendancy *Runner Up*
Ian Humphries – Dieter – Curious Pastimes, Academy of war
Stu Lean – Emperor Hami – Lorien Trust, Jackals

Event Crew Member of the year

Thomas Coleman
Kat Quatermass ***Winner***
Kitty Dobson *Runner Up*
Emma Round
Charlotte Rose

Unsung Hero –Cordelia Lowe

Life Time Achievement –Caroline “Caggles” Proctor

Overall Larp of the year (chosen from the winners of small, medium and large Larps) – Fairyland

Poker Tournament – Nathan McDonald

Combat Tournament –Grace Currah

Photography Categories


Title: So Many Saved ***Winner*** Judges’ Choice
Where: Obsidian Cygnus
Photographer: Oliver Facey

Title: Badass women to the front! *Runner Up* Judges’ Choice
Where: Future’s End
Photographer: Beth Dooner


Title: Before the Ancestors ***Winner*** Judges’ Choice
Where: Empire
Photographer: Oliver Facey

Title: ‘…I don’t think thats Cider’ *Runner Up* Judges’ Choice
Where: Legacy
Photographer: Steph Morris


Title: AX-3000 ***Winner*** Judges’ Choice
Where:Tenement 67
Photographer: Rob Davies

Title: Toss a Coin to Your Witcher  *Runner Up* Judges’ Choice
Where: Northern Kingdoms
Photographer: Tony Berzins


Title: The Bluebells of Murder Alley ***Winner*** Judges’ Choice
Where: Empire
Photographer: Tom Llewellyn

Title: The Death of Cosmo  *Runner Up* Judges’ Choice
Where: Guild of Darkness
Photographer: Kayleigh Dolphin


Title: Don’t Byte Off More than You Can Chew ***Winner*** Judges’ Choice
Where: From Shadows
Photographer: Tony Berzins

Title: Who is this who comes? *Runner Up* Judges’ Choice
Where: Waking Nightmare
Photographer: Tom Garnett


Title: Disney Crew ***Winner*** Judges’ Choice
Where: From Shadows
Photographer: Tony Berzins

Title: 2nd Legion, Frost Bears *Runner Up* Judges’ Choice
Where: Empire
Photographer: Steph Morris


Title: You got the Password? ***Winner*** Judges’ Choice
Where: No Rest for the Wicked
Photographer: Ben Smith

Title: Embracing Power – A Ritual Dance *Runner Up* Judges’ Choice
Where: Northern Kingdoms Event
Photographer: Tony Berzins

The Gallery of all Photos submitted can be found of the 2020 Awards menu or by using this link